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top 15 best beginner & Intermediate Student violins

When our choice goes through into an instrument, it’s hard to select a good instrument for a beginner on the beginning level. Best beginner violins review listed here perfect quality  with amazing feature hope will enjoy to choice a exact and right violin. A beginner on the violin faced a lot of confusion in the selection which is the best for the beginning situation. A good quality violin holds good sound, accessories, looks, best price, expert tips, etc. we know you are a beginner and so much excited to learn and practice the best one.

 You have been visiting viocel the exact place where our viocel team very hard research and find out what chosen by researched several points like customers feedback, expert reviews, bestselling for beginners, and social media activities. We have reviewed this article here top 15 violins for best beginner violins what will you enjoy to select your best violin.

Cecilio CVN-500

Cecilio CVN-500 made with a premium quality violin a step up from the CNV-300 model, fitted by solid wood, and makes more than a better experience to beginner. Although Cecilio CVN-500 is a high price violin so many professional violinists recommended for advanced level players but if they feel better at a high price and more good facilities beginner can use it in the beginning situation. Not It’s a good violin but also has a very good feature.

Feature of Cecilio CVN-500 violin

  • Hand-carved solid spruce.
  • Hand-carved solid flamed maple back & sides.
  • varnish finish.
  • Hand inlaid purfling.
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest.
  • Ebony tailpiece with mother of pearl inlay and 4 nickel-plated fine tuners.
  • D’Addario Prelude Strings.
  • Cecilio chromatic tuner.
  • lightweight hard case.
  • 2 x Brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair.
  • Adjustable shoulder rest.
best beginners viiolin
best beginners violin

The Cecilio CVN-500 framed with everything a beginning student would need to continue their learning at the motion that suits them best. As a beginner had discovered many experiences select the best violin hope you would take this one which is an excellent decision that will give you a better playing experience.

Stentor 1500 violin

Stentor 1500 violin is one of the most highly recommended by teachers to beginner students, Whether you are a beginner. It’s a good choice to take your first violin. Many teachers and violinist suggest it for the beginner student, also easily can use and comfortably tune-up. Stentor 1500 violin added many good features that you will feel comfortable to choice Stentor 1500 violin.

Feature of Stentor 1500 violin

  • Hand crafted with fine-grained solid spruce top.
  • Solid maple back
  • Full ebony fittings. Composite tailpiece integral adjusters
  • Carved with maple neck
  • 4 rope core strings
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Rich brown lacquer vernish.
  • Nylon tailpiece loop
  • Mognolian horsehair bow fitted with Brazilian wood.
  • Hardwood chin rest
  • Lightweight canvas covered case
  •  soft instrument blanket
  • Included An exterior shoulder rest pocket  backpack bag.

Stentor 1500 is very affordable which carries a better performance. After using this violin most of the users as much as given 5 stars below the rating. so, if you are a beginner student you should see this warm feature.

Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D

Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D is a great entry-level violin as well as made with good factory fitted. A better tune, nice look, and smooth sound quality that is enjoyed, violinists. It’s an expensive violin compared to other beginner violins, but very good quality violin then better other. Responsive enough to inspire the player with good musicality, and too good quality feature value Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D.

Feature of Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D

  • Solid hand-carved and maple back.
  • Solid hand-carved spruce is used front part.
  • perfect finished with varnish and has inlaid purfling.
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs chin rest, and tailpiece with 4 detachable fine tuners.
  • Brazilian wood and Mongolian horsehair bow.
  • Also included nlightweight hard case.
  • Adjustable and sustainable shoulder rest.
  • 2 spare bridges, rosin cake, and a spare set of violin strings.

We certainly hope you benefit from the information to choose your entry-level . Overall, this is a wonderful, and  will help the beginning level achieve higher levels and perhaps even advance to a professional violin player level.

Louis Carpini G2 Violin

The Louis Carpini G2 Violin is a high-quality beginner violin at this time and this configuration built with sustainable rich material, made from solid tonewoods, using a fine-grain, good-oiled maple, also carries a premium quality violin and a better look. Have much more well-rounded than other student violins, with a warm voice and beautiful resonance. Many violin teachers agree with this because of these model a better choice for the starting level.

Feature of Louis Carpini G2 Violin

  • curved with maple back and spruce top.
  • Inlaid ebony purfling
  • Hand-carved, custom-fit French Aubert maple bridge.
  • good fingerboard, relaxed chinrest, and ebony pages.
  • Also Durable composite tailpiece with 4 built-in fine tuners
  • High-grade backup set of wound-steel violin strings.
  • Mongolian horsehair and Brazilian wood fitted bow.
  • low weight case and soft blanket.

we know you are a beginner and you must need a good violin because a good choice one that offered a high volume sound and comfortable carry. It’s hard to select a good violin for a beginner Louis Carpini G2 Violin because its shaped with rich and good feature what will enjoy on your beginning journey.

Cremona SV-500

Cremona instruments and bows performed a top musical instrument companies in over twenty countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Initially Cremona a outstanding performer violin and a exact right choice for a beginner who looking for the first or second violin. Cremona SV-500 started their journey included with extraordinary feature.            

Feature of Cremona SV-500

  • Authentic choice for a beginner.
  • Hand used red-brown varnish finish.
  • curved by solidwood maple back and aslo spruce top.
  • Comes  with D’Addario Prelude strings
  • performed and most sold for Cremona’s most popular violin for sound.
  • case designed with lightweight, and Stradivarius-style chinrest.
  • deluxe Brazilwood bow and high grade Mongolian horsehair.
  • Made with Swiss-style ebony fittings and  ebony fingerboard for easy tuning.

 Perfectly suited for students at the highest levels of learn, or the working professional looking for a fantastic sound quality and trusted instrument for frequent play. Cremona SV-500 perfect for a beginner or intermediate student. Whether, enjoyed all discover to select a violin for the entry level period and also hope selected for first instrument by this amazing one.

Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit

Exceptionally, a right branded violin chooses for a beginner is most important to buy but the first violin only goes with suggestion into different option and feature mostly better other then. The Panel Pupil Violin Outfit is a perfect full package and beginning situation take a perfect violin is the most important over affect play, listen, and learn, for a beginner. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit is the best choice one. Panel Pupil Violin delivered for a great, balancing price and quality.

Feature of Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit

  • Carved maple back and solid spruce top.
  • handmade ebony fittings, covered fingerboard and pegs.
  •  Comes into D’Addario Prelude Strings.
  • Used for varnish Satin oil lacquer finish.
  • Bow encircled by genuine Brazilwood and Mongolian horsahair.
  • Also included Antonio Giuliani Rosin.
  • Manufactured light weight case, shoulder rest and soft blanket for violin set.
  •  Offered with half-mounted 100% ebony frog for great balance and durability.

In Conclusion, Delivered warm and rich sound pleasing to new players also holds everything that you have to begin your musical outing and adventure your musical passion. The quality is so much better what you have to try which offers many inexpensive instruments that are poorly made.

Stenor1400 violin

From 100 years the Stentor made many wonderful violins in Europe and many ancient famous schools used the Stentor 1400 violin as the main instrument. Although, this one have the essential characteristics of good tone quality plus correct measurements and also specifications, so violin lover would be enjoyable with it’s a very good feature.

Feature of Stenor1400 violin

  • Carved from solid tonewood with spruce (front and top), and maple neck.
  • Light brown varnish finished.
  • Ebony fingerboard, and dark pau rosa pegs 
  • Composite tailpiece, integral adjusters
  • perfect student Brazilian wood and Mongolian Horsehair bow with ebony frog.
  • Lightweight case with safety reflectors, and also solder rest transport to easy.
  • High quality red Label strings.
  • Comes nylon tailpiece loop.

The tone is good enough for training the ear and feeling the vibrations of the bow grip. Not only a beginner or student in our research or suggest by many famous violin teachers but also it’s a smart choice to explore your passion or hobby with Stentor 1400 violin.

Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice

Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice Violin is a good quality and best price beginner also school a favorite violin. It provides a warm tune, reasonable and good sound. The Cremona SV-75 is a favorite beginner level or school violin outfit that equips a student with a quality instrument, a case, a bow, US-made D’Addario Prelude strings, the educator’s preferred strings for students, and everything he or she needs to get started on violin studies.

Feature of Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice

  • Handcarved Solid Spruce top,maple back and sides.
  • Solid maple neck
  • also added nlaid purfling
  • fingerboard made by Dyed Hardwood, relaxed chain rest and ebony pages.
  • Manufactured all types of cremona by US-made D’Addario Prelude strings, and also the educator’s preferred strings for beginners.
  • Used correct string height, string spacing, and neck relief for accurate finger positions and tone.
  • Good quality color-matching Lightweight shaped case and black interior.
  • High quality instrument soft blanket.

In conclusion information, the starting-level a beginner or student has to choose a good violin and we are so much glad to you already have seen the Feature of Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice that has so good features to choose your beginning level violin and also it’s suggested by many violin teachers for the beginner students.

AmazonBasics Beginner Violin

AmazonBasics Beginner Violin specially selected for beginner by Amazon. Sometimes many new learners find a good quality violin at a low price and don’t want to invest in the practice period we suggest to you . It’s a great violin who finding a good guality violin in low price and also suitable for anyone interested in learning how to play, this AmazonBasics beginner violin bundle features everything needed to get started.

Feature ofAmazonBasics Beginner Violin

  • Specially design for new learner and student. 
  • Solid wood into natural color and design for beginner players ages 11 years and older.
  • Solid spruce top provides optimal acoustic sound, solid maple back, sides, and neck for added strength and beauty.
  • Decorative inlaid purfling and carefully applied gloss varnish for a smooth finish and ebony fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs.
  • Includes a solid-wood bow with unbleached genuine horsehair, quality rosin, extra strings, a tuner, a lightweight shaped violin case with pockets and backpack straps for easy transport.

Beginner always wants a good violin for his beginning level and wants a reasonable price violin AmazonBasics Beginner Violin made for only them. it’s low price but delivered warm tune, good sound quality, and comfortable to carry.

Mendini MV300

Mendini MV300 solid wood violin outfit with its traditional-looking design. An attractive quality for the price and a reasonable choice for beginners who have never played the violin before and want to try  for the first time. Now, usually people want to buy a good quality violin with good quality and end up buying sub-standard violins. Mendini MV300 and Mendini MV200 violins have many analogous specifications, quality, and also features, but some different specifications have between those violins.

Feature of Mendini MV300

  • Solid wood outfit violin with spruce top, maple back, neck, and sides .
  • Applied beautiful Satin Varnish Finish.
  • Brazilwood with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair fitted bow.
  • This violin is made with attention to detail, especially in the fixtures and fittings.
  • Ebony fingerboard, relaxed chain rest and pegs.
  • High quality lightweight form-fitting hard case with pockets, and adjustable shoulder rest.
  • also shoulder straps are included in the package.

In sum up review, The Mendini MV 300 violin is aimed for those who are beginning level to learn how to play the violin and best choice for all beginner students. Specially It’s designed with a soft satin finish, mellow tone, and a warm clear sound. Generally, the feature manufactured by all kinds of premium and high quality materials and also feel more extraordinary beginning period because of nice outfit.

Aliyes Solid Wood Violin

Ordinarily, if you are finding a good violin with good sound quality, comfortable use, and cheap price, obviously Aliyes Solid Wood Violin one of the best beginner violin at a cheap price .Therefore, Violinist and teachers suggest to beginner or student this violin for price and good quality .Specially, It’s delivered pure tune, pleasing, and clear sound quality and easy to hold tune which the great for beginners.                                                                                                                             

Feature of Aliyes Solid Wood Violin

  • Perfect quality violin for beginner.
  • warm tune and clear and polishing sound delivered.
  • Hand carved with solid maple wood fitted, top spruce and maple back.
  • Light weight body to easy and perfect carry the beginner.
  • Hand painted and rich golden varnish finish.
  • Ebony fingerboard, pages and good chain rest.
  • Bow fitted by original Brazilian wood and Mongolian horsehair.
  • Light weight case and soft shoulder rest.

in conclusion sentences, learner always wishes a good violin for his entre level and also aspect a reasonable price violin. whether, a beginner Violin only fitted  for entre level player, but this beginner violin could play after learnt period . Initailly  it’s low price but delivered warm tune, good sound quality, and comfortable to carry.

D Z Strad Violin Model 100

When you have decided to buy a high-quality violin with reasonable price, good looking, and comfortable for beginners, we suggest you can see D Z Strad Violin Model 100 and it’s one of the lower-priced models. we researched few buyers and violinists this model violin is a favorite violin among Suzuki and other private teacher’s reasons are very easy for the beginner and used good material which unbelievable at a reasonable price.

Feature of D Z Strad Violin Model 100

  • Curved solid maple back a nd spruce top.
  • Hand carved tonewoods finished with good quality spirit varnish.
  • perfect fitted makes warm tune and better sound quality.
  • Also included ebony fingerboard, pages, and comfortable chain rest.
  • Brazilian wood and Mongolian horsehair used for bow. also added quality rosin.
  • Case weight not much heavy, and a light weight case transport to easy.
  • A soft blanket included with case for violin and bow.
  • Setup with Wittner-style tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners.

Basically, you have seen all feature point and  D Z Strad Violin Model 100 delivered a warm and round tone with a virtuous sound and a good tone. The instrument also has unique antiquing details and is quite attractive. Many violin teachers recommended for beginner student because of this wonderful feature, good quality, and reasonable, if you were satisfied with this feature, and you can take one.

Richard Bunnel G2 Violin

In the learning period, every new learner has a new vision and journey with the new passion which has to right instruments to be an expert violinist and we hardly researched about Richard Bunnel G2 Violin is a perfect package for new all types of beginners because of the wood  is used to construct a violin plays a critical role in how the violin sounds make better. The Richard Bunnel G2 is a good example of a beginner and entre level violin that is crafted from authentic tonewoods.                                                                

Feature of Richard Bunnel G2 Violin

  • Four professional grade built-in fine tuners on a composite tailpiece.
  • Naturally dried maple and tight-grained spruce from the Himalayas.
  • Multiple D-rings on the case providing various carrying options.
  • Handmade construction, Inlaid purfling.
  • A custom-fit, high-grade maple bridge.
  • High-grade ebony fittings including polished fingerboard and pegs.
  • Setup and inspection that meets or exceeds all MENC specifications.
  • Brazilwood bow shaft, Genuine leather grip, and High-grade Mongolian horsehair.
  • Multiple D-rings on the case.
  • Accessory and shoulder rest compartments..
  • Additional full set of Portland Violin Strings.

In summary few words, Richard Bunnel G2 is the warm sound, professional Portland shoulder rest, and reasonable price violins. However it’s specially designed for beginner level with everything that you need at the beginning level. So, therefore, if you are looking for good quality with a nice feature violin, you can take one of these violins.

Stentor 1550 violin

In a begging situation, it’s hard to select the best beginner violin for a beginner who’s the right one. We highly recommended STENTOR 1550 is a good choice for a beginner or intermediate level. Our high research about STENTOR 1550 has many good features that you will enjoy for a tune-up.

Feature of STENTOR 1550 violin

  • Finely carved spruce front.
  • Carved flamed maple back.
  • Finely carved maple neck.
  • Shellac varnish.
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs.
  • Inlaid purfling.
  • Composite tailpiece, integral adjusters.
  • Synthetic gut strings.
  • Includes high quality rosin.
  • Selected wood bow, ebony frog.
  • Deluxe oblong case.

In the finally analysis, STENTOR has published a good violin. It offered not only looking very nice but also makes a good tune. After all ensure at a good reasonable price and we strongly believe that you may use it for a long time.

Cecilio CVN-300

Firstly, We have completed a wonderful review which will enjoy you to know about in detail Cecilio CVN-300 and after that find out, teacher approved this orchestra  violin is perfect for beginner and intermediate and violinist. Moreover, the violin size determined by the neck/wrist approach would be the size that is more comfortable for students to hold and tuning. Initially,  This violin is an affordable price, quality materials are still used to ensure that all aspects of the violin are of good quality. Cecilio CVN-300   is a better instrument that comes highly rated by all users.

Feature of the Cecilio CVN-300

  • Ebony fittings used for the pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece and chinrest for durability to withstand frequent movements.
  • Adjustable 4 fine tuners.
  • Extra set of strings.
  • Comes strung with D’Addario Prelude strings.
  • Curved by tonewood back and side, and fine-grained solid spruce top.
  • All the necessary accessories to start playing today.
  • Bow fitted with Brazilian wood and Mongolian horse hair.
  • A spare bridge.
  • A hard shell light weight case.
  • Case included adjustable shoulder rest.

Finally few words, described the feature board all good feature that hopes you love to go for trying your beginning situation. It offers a complete outfit with extras included that you may have to purchase separately when you buy other violin brands. After this wonderful review if you decided will buy for your beginning period we appreciate it’s a good choice one for the beginning.

Few final words:

Generally, Selected the best beginner violins are also difficult but after selected a good violin have enjoyed your beginning period. This article published the best beginner violin list, which guides to select with the features and different types of a violin. However, During reading our reviews you have read a lot about violin what is good for you and if you don’t want to buy our recommended violin that’s not a fact but your benefit is you have known many things about the violin. Although, you are not finding a professional violin perhaps you have selected a violin. Remember, it’s a good violin never compare with brands and price you should judge after discover will take your best one.

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