Violins are expensive musical instruments. Hence, it’s a serious choice when a violinist wants to invest in it, whether a newbie or advanced. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you get the best fiddle out of all offered violins by different violin brands.

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Wondering which brand offers superior quality fiddles? It’s DZ Strad; all their violins are incomparable to other branded amatis.

Because they prioritize the quality and satisfaction of their customers, this is what makes them produce fiddles that can create exact melodies and last for a longer period.

So, today in this d z Strad violin review article, we will show you the list of 10 best d z Strad violin and reveal their specialties. So let’s get this show on the road.

DZ strad violin

Top 10 D Z Strad Violin Review 2021

All D Z Strad violins are high-quality products, but some amatis are considered one of the best among all those. Our team of expert researchers has found 10 d z Strad fiddles that will surely give you a fantastic experience of playing amazing tunes.

The violins are not only long-lasting but also easy to play. So, let’s look at the ten DZ Strad violin reviews 2021 right away.

Best for build quality: D Z Strad Model 220

If you are an intermediate-level violin student, then the d z Strad model 220 will work for you right.Its sophisticated tone made it a popular fiddle among advanced violinists. It is handmade, and this is a big reason why it can produce fascinating melodies.

D Z Strad Model 220

Outstanding Build

The very first reason for choosing this violin is its build quality. The Strad is mainly handmade and well-adjusted when created. It is a well varnished wooden violin that adds Spruce made top.

Also, the bottom and sides of the fiddle are made of maple. They didn’t even compromise the fittings and used boxwood coupled with an ebony fingerboard to strengthen it even more.

Sophisticated Tone

Any violin lover always looks for strands that can make refined sounds. Dz strad model 220 is such an amati. It was set up with dominant strings, creating music that would touch the listener’s mind and heart.


  • It has been air-dried naturally for over ten years.
  • It has dominant strings.
  • Ebony fingerboard and boxwood-made fittings.
  • 100% handmade and well varnished.
  • Hand-carved maple-made bridge.


  • Quite expensive to afford for people who have a tight budget.


Many intermediate-level violinists start to give performances in shows, and of course, they dream of gaining popularity. That’s not possible without the best performing fiddle.

Fortunately, the d z Strad model 220 will help you get acknowledged by making the violin playing an easy task for you and producing incredibly beautiful tones.

Best for Easy Use: D Z Strad Violin Model 101

The d z Strad violin model 101 is another masterpiece. However, it’s a great choice for beginners and not for intermediate students. If you are a starter and learning is what you focus on, this would be the best investment. Although the sound quality is not good enough, it is much simpler to play

Quality Construction

Dz Strad never compromises the quality of strads since customer satisfaction is their priority. To make the carved top part of the violin, they selected tight grain Spruce.

The Wittner-style compound tailpiece is set up and also added built-in four fine tuners to make sure you bring out amusing sounds through it.

Easy to Play

The Strad is made so that any newbie violinist would easily play it and learn to play fiddle within a short amount of time. Its Brazilian wood made bow goes smooth over the strings and lets you make tones.


  • The carved top of the violin is made of selected combined Spruce.
  • The tailpiece has four fine tuners and a Wittner-style set-up.
  • Available in many comfortable sizes.
  • Simple to play.


  • Doesn’t deliver great quality sounds.


Although it fails to create amazing tones, it should not be neglected since the violin got all the good stuff a beginner needs to learn.

The overall performance of the Amati is, of course, satisfactory, and so if you are interested to learn fiddling, you can get this one

Best in Tone Production: D Z Strad Model 800 4/4 Full-Size Violin

This is the most expensive fiddle offered by d z strad. It has already gained significant popularity for its characteristics, from building quality to playing melodies. It’s a high-end violin for both intermediate and advanced violinists.

High-quality Neck & Body

There’s a huge reason behind why it is so famous. The neck & body of the violin is made using splendidly aged tonewoods from Italian Alps and varnished fine to ensure your fiddle’s longer life span. To give your strad its required character, has used a minor amount of European tonal wood.

Powerful Tone

There has to be the power in your music that will amaze any listener. This exclusive violin has got it for you. Its light varnish lets you make a smoother and powerful melody that will touch the audience’s hearts.


  • Produces rich sounds.
  • Will do best for projection.
  • Appealing flamed maple made back.
  • Comes with the full set-up.
  • Varnished fine.


  • It offers one adjuster only.


The d z strad 800 model is a superb collection of the brand. Since it can make robust tones and long-lasting instruments, advanced players would love to play it.

Best for Craftsmanship: D Z Strad N201

The d z Strad n201 is an ideal violin for those intermediate players or beyond it. It’s made with care and effort to ensure you get it as a piece of art. The fiddle has obtained popularity among its existing users for delivering quality sounds.

Well Crafted

The design of the strad is truly a work of art. It looks attractive since it has a fine varnish. This particular piece is a 100% handmade violin and also hand oil-varnished. The outline will catch the attention of everyone.

Includes Everything

The item offers you everything essential. It provides you with two bows that are made of different materials. One is made of wood and the other one from the fiber. The shell case it offers is hard and upgraded.


  • Comes with a beautifully designed appearance.
  • Produces a fortified and rich tone.
  • Works nice for solo performers and ground stringers.
  • Includes all the necessary things, including case and bows.
  • Made of Russian Spruce to add extra strength.


  • Flower inlay could be unfitting to some settings.


If you love stylish things, d z n201 violin will catch your attention. Of course, appearance is not the only thing one should look for in a fiddle; tone production is here’s biggest factor.

Luckily, it is a better option for quality music production too. Therefore, you can give it a shot.

Best for Exterior Design: D Z Strad 505F

Just imagine that you are having one of the world’s best violins, playing lovely tones with it and getting praises, claps. We know it’s a dream of every violinist who takes it as their career and guesses what? Your dream can come true!

Yes, you read that right. D Z Strad presents 505F, which is a masterpiece. It will satisfy you with its beauty and performance.

Handmade Masterstroke

Nothing can be more fascinating than a handmade violin. When it is built cautiously, both its outlook and presentation become fabulous.

Using maple wood, the violin’s ribs, back, and scroll are made to make it efficient. The whole strad has charming artistry which will make you feel you are a professional.

Malleable Tone

This fiddle is upgraded well and has inlaid luthiers that are prize-winning. It can create an excellent tone that will get sent into the listener’s mind. Moreover, it’s professional set-up and hand-adjusted to enhance the quality of sounds.


  • Gorgeous exterior.
  • Earthy tone.
  • Maple made ribs, back, and scroll.
  • Outstanding for minor keys.
  • Comes in full size.


  • The strings quality is a little poor.


The D Z Strad 505F is a good choice for those who are starters. They would love to take it outside since it looks superb. The sound quality is also good, which will ease your learning.

Best for Playability: D Z Strad #509

It’s another violin for beginner violinists. Among their high-quality violins, the #509 model would indeed be a good choice.

Although it’s one of the most affordable prices, fiddling can offer you the sound, feel and look of a mature Amati.

Violin Outfit

The D Z Strad #509 outfit includes all the essential things you need to learn how to play the violin quicker. The quality bow of this specific violin is made using Brazilian wood that feels light in your hands and goes over the strings easily to create a refined tone.

The case is also made hard and well-built so that you can carry it without being worried about any damage. The shoulder rest gives you a lighter feeling and keeps your shoulder safe from pain.

Exquisite Playability

The Strad graduated meticulously, leading the fiddle to make sophisticated melodies and elegant playability. The warm and round tone, along with the consistency, will keep you inspired to not give up learning by playing the violin.


  • Made with perfection.
  • Used good-quality wooden materials.
  • Comes with an antique varnish finish.
  • Maple made sides and back.
  • Creates earthy sounds with depth.


  • Preinstalled with one adjuster only.


The D Z Strad #509 would get a place in your heart with its perfect look and melodic music. However, it’s not the best but, of course, a fiddle that will get to your bliss point with its performance.

Best for Performance: D Z Strad Violin DZ601F

If you ask us which of the D Z work is a hallmark? We will say it’s DZ601F. The fiddle can surely catch your attention while performing with its malleable and open sounds. Established players would love to have it for exhibitions.

Charming Appearance

The d z Strad DZ601F has something in its view. Though it doesn’t have art over it, its single-piece back has a gold varnish underneath the dark red, which adds to its appeal.

The chin rest, tuning pegs, and tailpieces are decorated by hand-carved inlaid flowers admired by violinists.

Excellent Performance

This model of d z Strad is a feasible choice for those who participate in major college functions. Because it leaves the listeners with warm-heartedness and gives mental peace. The melodic sounds give spiritual strength to both the player and listener.


  • Makes a high volume tone.
  • Comes with delicate looks.
  • Produces mellifluous tones.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Made of premium quality spruce.


  • Not for advanced-level violin players.


Compared to its presentation and quality we think it’s a good value for money. The Strad can make clear sounds that are important for feeling the tunes.

Best Value for Money: DZ Strad Gasparo Da Salo Full Size Violin Model 362

Most of the newbie violin players think having quality sounds is all that matters. But wait – there’s more, the display of the fiddle also matters to look at.

A boring-looking Amati doesn’t give you the feel of an expert fiddler. Fortunately, this specific model will serve you with beauty and melody.

Quality Craftsmanship

It features a superior-quality design, which gets your eyes glued to it at first glance. Its double inlaid is pretty purfling over the instrument’s top part that gives the eyes pleasure.

Plus, the backplates contain three beautifully designed enduring inlaid flourishes that increase their attractiveness.

Dependable Instrument

The gasparo da salo model by d z strad is truly a reliable violin. This powerful Amati is set up adequately by the top-class luthiers when constructed. Then again, construction using maple wood and dominant strings will give you enduring performance.


  • Enduring and powerful tunes.
  • High-quality maple-made violin.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Good value for money.
  • Gives you joy while practicing.


  • It’s a four-string violin.


It comes with a spirit varnish to give you the best sounds as its output. This one is top-notch and consists of a fiddle that a true violinist looks for.

Best Handmade Violin: DZ Strad Model 709 Violin

One more handmade masterpiece of the d z strad is their 709 model. It’s a great deal for intermediate fiddlers, and they can use it for participating in prize-winning shows. The item will not dissatisfy you in any way.

Study Establishment

It was made using a maestro old plant to make sure your violin gives you service over the years. The ebony tonewood adds to the brawn. Also, the aged tonewoods give it a look of old violin and accurate sturdiness


The dz strad model 709 violin is a presentable instrument. You can gift this as an expensive present to people of any age.

Whether you want to gift it to teenagers or older people, its sleek, glossy appearance will mesmerize them. Also, the sophisticated melodies will blow up their minds.


  • It comes with a simple yet eye-catching view.
  • The fiddle is established sturdily.
  • A splendid instrument to gift.
  • A good choice for intermediate fiddlers.
  • 100% handmade.


  • It comes in full-size only.


Generally, there are a few d z model violins that can perform as well as 709. It’s also a wise pick for newbies who are serious about learning the violin.

Perfect for Starters: D Z Strad Violin Model 100

It’s the last but not least in our pick of d z strads. You will love playing it since it is packed with surprising quality sounds. It got popular in a very short time because of its availability and work.

Delicate Design

The d z Strad violin model 100 features handmade designs. The various wood constructions bring in a difference that is, although minor yet noticeable.

However, the manufacturer didn’t forget to increase its quality too. To allow you to use it extensively, the fiddle is made of Russian Spruce.

Beginner Perfect

This model is chiefly for beginners with a tight budget who still want a violin for practical uses. It is already set up for any time use. There is no need for extra adjustments. You just buy it and start playing.


● Optical and sonic.
● Produces warm sounds.
● Reliable and Elegant looking.
● Affordable range instrument.
● Best for starter violin players.


  • The string quality is not satisfactory.


The d z strad 100 model fiddle may not be the best option, but of course, it’s not the worst choice either. Within your budget, it will provide you with both quality and reliability.

DZ Strad Violin for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Player

Which are the Best DZ Strad Violin for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Player?

Do you know what? Dz Strad violins are all leading fiddles currently. Although each of their fiddles is fantastic for use, there’s a fact; the violins require different level fiddlers to use them.

An advanced violinist cannot get satisfaction using the fiddle that is specifically made for a newbie. Then again, the beginners will face difficulty playing the violins made for intermediate and advanced players.

Therefore, we have come up with recommendations of various models for different level violinists. So, let’s jump right in.

Dz Strad Violin for Beginner Players

Dz strad beginner violins best performer brand for beginner players. Dz Strad model 201 is created thinking about new fiddlers. It’s a top pick among newcomers who are just learning to play a strad. The enduring crafted look along with dependency makes it a reliable instrument to look upon.

Dz Strad Violin for Intermediate Players

Dz Strad LC 101 comes with all the needs an intermediate fiddler requires. Its unique sound-producing capability contributes to the hand-oil touch, varnish finish, Russian spruce build, warm sound projection, and maple design. It is said to be the best violin option for those who are intermediate fiddlers.

Dz Strad Violin for Advanced Players

Dz Strad violin N615 is a breathtaking instrument for advanced-level violin players. It’s quite expensive yet not cost-ineffective. This is made specifically for pro performers.

It is produced using the finest toned woods from the Italian Alps. The ribs, back, and scroll, are made using maple wood, the best quality carbon fiber-made bow altogether bought in every character your violin needs to give out excellent works.

We will not tell you to rely on d z Strad violins without valid reasons. There are many reasons why you must get a d z strad and not other branded violins. Let’s read out the mentioned points of why you should pick d z Strad violins.

Sound Quality

First and foremost, you should have a look at its sound quality. One can’t neglect it for its fascinating sound production. Each of the fiddles has a great set-up, bows, and dominant strings that altogether create magical tones.

Body Quality

Another great fact of picking a d z Strad violin is its body quality. All the amatis are created using high-quality spruces collected from either Italian Alps or Russia.

They have been air-dried for up to 10 years to make sure the violin they will make using these woods will be the strongest fiddles of all time.

Price Range

What we love most about d z Strad violins is all their products come at affordable prices. From a new violin learner to a professional fiddler, anyone can afford the Amati they require.

Case and Bow Quality

You cannot ignore its case and bow quality since they are mostly handmade with premium wood. Bows are mostly made of wood and fiber of superior quality. The case is tough and will not break easily because they are made with care and premium materials.

D Z Strad Violin

Things to Consider When Buying a D Z Strad Violin

Before you purchase any product, make sure you read a buying guide on it. The buying guide will help you find a suitable item for you in no time. Hence, we added three vital things you should keep in mind when purchasing a violin from d z strad.

Build Materials

You don’t want to waste your money on an instrument that is made of poor-quality elements. Because if you get a cheap class fiddle, it will break after some use. Therefore, finalize the d z Strad violin made with Italian, Russian, and aged tonewoods.

Sound Grade

The next most important factor for intermediate and advanced players is the good grade. A new Amati player can learn with a little poor quality tone, but you require high-class sound-producing fiddles for performing. So, always prioritize violins with dominant strings for ergonomic melodies.

Let's check their sound grade

Price Rate

Don’t just jump for expensive strads. You might need lower or medium-cost fiddles. According to your level and skills, fix your budget for the violin. This will help you get your craving Amati. .


Most frequent questions and answers

when question arises where are dz strad violins made? or is it China Made. No, d z strad is a reputable company known for making amazing violins located near the New york city of the United States.

There are several things you must look for in DZ Strad violins to find out best among bests. Those numerous things are body, sound quality, violin size, violin outfit, and price range.

Dz strad is not a good brand. Are you confused? Boom! It’s the best brand considered right now. They are famous enough for successfully producing audience-targeted fiddles.

Undoubtedly, no other brand violin can compete with d z Strad violin in construction and sound quality. Hence, to violinists, d z strad is the best violin brand.

Ut luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Final Thoughts

Although you will see plenty of d z Strad violin reviews but guess what? Our review article will help you the most because we have handpicked 10 d z Strad violin of the year, which will provide you with unbeatable performance.

Our expert team chosen fiddles are not only budget-friendly but also substantial to use. According to your need and level, choose your suitable violin and rock on with it in your career life.

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