Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin - A Beginner’s Best Choice

Stentor 1500 4/4 violin is considered one of the best violins that perform outstandingly. For its various specialties, customer demand for it is rising each day. If you are here, it means you are interested in investing in it. You have chosen a great product but let’s be sure how great it is.

In this stentor 1500 4/4 violin review, we will share every little detail about it you must know. Our in-depth study of the strad will help you make your decision easier on purchasing it. So, let’s get down to the business.

Stentor 1500 violin

Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin - Quick Review

Here is a quick review of Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin. We will explain what makes it better than most other fiddles and what facts you should consider about it.

High-grade Sound

The tone quality of a violin is the most important thing to consider. You can buy an attractive design fiddle, but if it fails to produce a quality tone, it will have no value at all. Even you will regret the purchase because the product has not served its purpose.

 Whether you are a professional violinist or a learner, you should first look for a high-quality tone. Luckily it’s manufactured from premium-quality solid tonewoods. Those tonewoods give the fiddle the accurate sound output.

 The wood chosen for bringing the melodic tone is from the best-grade woods. It can produce crystal clear sounds. We can assure you that it’s designed specially to create lovely music.

Splendid Design

A violin should look good. A beautiful violin can impress others and bring you the interest to keep practicing with it. This is why this particular strad is designed top-notch. The stentor 1500 4 4 violins are made with hands.

It means the error level is too low. The violin details are precise because professional fiddler makers make it. The shiny brown paint is glazed to give the violin an excellent polished look. The chin rest is made using both hardwood and tonewood and gives it the final finish of a stylish look.

The maple neck is well-curved. This neck makes it easy to handle the violin with comfort. The neck has a smooth polished outline given using lacquer.

Light Weight

We put the violin on our shoulders, and so the fiddle mustn’t be heavy. If you get cheap violins, it will only increase your shoulder pain with its heavyweight. Thus you must purchase lightweight fiddles for comfortable playing.

Fortunately, the stentor 1500 violin was created using lightweight materials. The weight of the fiddle is only 4.5 pounds. This super-light violin makes things easier for you, like handing and using it right.


Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you can easily handle it because of its size. Yes, it comes in a small size. The small size is another reason for it being a lightweight fiddle. It’s so light that even kids can handle it.

Storage Bag

The violin offers you one storage bag. You can use it to store and carry things you need. The fiddle bag is well padded and lightweight, ensuring shock absorption.

The padded backpack has a special place where you can carry the bow. Some pockets are added to put essential accessories. You can easily take it because the bag has straps. The exterior shoulder rest pocket is a great deal.

What are the Features of Stentor 1500 4-4 Violin

To better understand the stentor 1500 violin, you should know its features well. When you have a clear idea about its key components, you will realize its worth.

stentor 1500 violin


Its scroll means the violin’s decorative part is eye-catching. The design is made with handcrafts, and so it has got a unique scroll. The scroll has the usual shape; however, it still looks fantastic with the polished wooden-made surface. A beginner violinist will love how its scroll looks.


The pegs of this fiddle are high-quality ones. Around the top-notch pegs, strings are wounding. Since the quality of the pegs is outstanding, it thus creates lovely tunes through the instrument’s strings. To raise its pitch, you have only to tighten the strings. On the contrary, to lower the pitch, loosen the strings.


The nut of a fiddle plays a significant role in keeping the strings right in their places. The small nuts are made of quality wood and placed well between the fingerboard and pegbox. The four notches emerge from each string on the fingerboard.


The ebony fingerboard will make your fingers feel comfortable when pressing down your fingers over the rope core strings. Usually, all Amati fingerboards are made of ebony, but there is still a difference in quality. Each material used to make this Amati is chosen wisely.


The neck is essential between the violin body, scroll, and pegbox. It’s the part that should be durable, and so the Stentor 1500 4/4 violin neck is made of solid maple. It works to support the fiddle strings. Hence, the manufacturer chose maple, a quality wood to create its neck.


Strings of the stentor 1500 violin is a four-string fiddle. The strings are denoted as G, D, A, E (lowest to highest). The strings are made using red label strings that are super sensitive. It means the strings will produce musical sounds.


The composite tailpiece of a strad is a triangle-shaped piece of wood. The strings are attached to the violin on its lower end. This fiddle’s alloy tailpiece is strong and has four integral string adjusters. So adjusting the strings will become a simple task with these string adjusters. 


A chin rest must always feel convenient because it’s where you put your jawbone and chin on and keep playing the violin. Near the tailpiece, the chin rest is located. The hardwood chin rest gives you the ultimate comfort while being durable.

Fine Tuners

There are tiny tuners located over the tailpiece. These can tune the fiddle but not in larger increments like the pegs. Generally, smaller amatis often have these fine tuners for every string. Since the stentor 1500 4 4 is a tiny violin, it has many finer tuners inside it.


It’s the functional area of this specific violin. It is made using quality maple leaf. The significance of balancing strings underneath it to produce and transmit vibrations is enormous. The beat goes from strings to the instrument body and thus creates sound.

It is not placed in its place using glue. There is another part in the fiddle called tension, and it holds the bridge to its location. The strings can exert 90 pounds of force over the bridge.


Ribs are the essential part of a strad that winds around violin sides. It connects the back and top for forming the violin soundbox. If it’s made with poor quality wood, the overall performance of the fiddle will be affected. Hence, the stentor 1500 violin manufacturer has used high-grade maple wood to create the ribs.


The violin comes with an octagonal wood horsehair bow, including an ebony frog.


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What are the Specifications of Stentor 1500 4-4 Violin

The specifications of a violin give the idea of the material quality and other necessary details. Let’s find out the specifications of this violin from the stentor 1500 review article.


It comes in 4/4 size. It means this fiddle is the most significant size. Most adults require a 4/4 violin since the length between their middle left wrist and neck best suits it.

Top Material

The top material should be of excellent quality, or it can easily get damaged or broken. Hence, this violin is produced using chosen and best quality spruce, maple, and ebony wood.

Back Material

The back of the violin is created with maple and ebony wood. It means your violin is safe and secured from easy damages.

Let's Compare With Cecilio CVN 300 and Mendini mv 300 Violin.

Cecilio CVN 300

stentor 1500vs cecilio cvn300

Sound Quality

The sound quality of it is pretty good. It will do an excellent job for beginners to learn violin with ease. There is no difficulty at all in playing the violin. However, it does not sound like a professional fiddle, so an expert should look for another option other than Cecilio CVN 300.

Material Quality

The materials used to make it are maple and solid spruce woods. The neck, sides, and back are maple, while the top is spruce.


It’s pretty intense since the woods chosen to create it are all of the excellent grades. If taken care of and used cautiously, it will serve you for 2 to three years.


The Cecilio CVN 300 includes some necessary accessories that you will need for playing the violin with perfection. It comes with 2 Brazilwood-made bows, a lightweight hard case, two bridges, quality rosin cake, and an extra violin string set

Mendini MV 300

Sound Quality

This violin’s sound quality is outstanding, which is considered a valuable fiddle for adults and kids. It produces a clear and warm sound that seems soothing to the ears.

Material Quality

The whole violin is made using four different but high-quality woods: boxwood, spruce, maple, and ebony. It is constructed well, and the use of its materials makes it hard to get damaged or broken.


It’s more durable than the CVN 300 because it is built more strongly using hands. So the error chances are low. If one takes care and uses it properly, it can serve him for 4 to 5 years.


The Mendini MV 300 includes more important accessories than the CVN 300. It provides you with one bow, quality rosin, extra strings of the violin, rubber and padding feet with adjustable shoulder rest, and a hard case (lightweight) with straps. It means you will get everything you need to play the violin like a professional.



  • It can withstand high stress since it is made using tonewood.
  • The fingerboard is durable and capable of sustaining stress because rosewood produces it.
  • The well polished and proper finish gives it an attractive appearance.
  • It comes with a bunch of Significant features.
  • Perfect for the beginners.
  • A few consumers complained that the fittings are created using lower grade ebony.


Are Stentor Student Violins Any Good?

According to most stentor student violin users, it is the best violin out in the market. Its overall performance is mind-blowing, and the quality is satisfying.

What is a Good 4 4 Violin?

A good 4 4 violin is a fiddle that is full size and can produce beautiful sounds, is durable, affordable, and includes necessary accessories needed to play the violin. Stentor 1500 4 4 is one such violin.

What Is The Difference Between a Stentor Student 1 and 2 Violin?

The difference in stentor student 1 and 2 is mainly in the quality. While stentor two is made with hands and uses higher quality solid tonewood, model 1 uses lower quality woods.

Where are Stentor Violins Made?

Stentor violins are made in their factory located in China. The factory owns 200 workers who carefully make quality stentor violins with their skills and years of experience

Let's check the sound quality compare with Stentor 1400

Final Words

The Stentor 1500 4/4 violin is an excellent production of the Stentor brand. It has everything to be chosen for practice or professional purposes. The hand-carved selected tonewood s4 string violin has already gained popularity in the market for its incredible sound quality.

The violin outfit is indeed eye-catchy. The quality wood bow is another for its fantastic music production. We hope in many violin reviews our review on stentor 1500 violin has helped you know each little piece of information about it.