With the innovations of musical instruments, violins are also getting upgraded. Electric violins are the latest version of strads, and these are gaining popularity with time change. Many are showing interest in trying them out, especially professional violinists who give performances on a regular basis.

yamaha electric violin 5 string

Are you a performing violinist too? Or are you just interested in trying this amusing instrument? You can be anyone, but if you are interested in purchasing the best 5 string electric violin, then you have landed in the right place.

Today, we will recommend the top-end Yamaha electric violin 5-string and will also discuss it in depth. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5 String Yamaha Electric Violin YEV105NT - Is it Worth Buying

Yamaha is a globally well-known brand for violin. It never fails to impress its customers with the unique strads they make.

The Yamaha Electric Violin-YEV105NT-Natural-5 String, Natural (YEV105NT) is one such impressive violin you will love. Let’s check its specifications, key features in detail, and more about it right away.


  • Length: 32 inches
  • Width: 14 inches
  • Height: 5.5 inches
  • Back Material: Wood
  • Item Weight: 1 Pound
  • String Numbers: 5

Key Features

You must know about the main features of the violin of your dreams. If you get to know the features clearly, you can understand how good the fiddle will be for you. For now, we will mention them, but in the next part, we will explain each of the features. So, let’s get to it.

1. It’s an all-access electric fiddle.
2. The design is classy and beautiful.
3. Easy to use
4. Feels amazing to play
5. Clean and simple sound
6. Strong body
7. Adjustable bridge
8. It is set for playing right away
9. Light Weight
10. It does not require headphones, batteries, or preamps

All-access Electric Fiddle

The chief feature of this particular electric strad is that it is all-accessed. You don’t need to worry about playing it if you are somewhere with electricity. Also, it will not get damaged or will not stop working when there is a voltage problem. As long as it gets electricity, it will continue working.

Classy & Beautiful Design

Nowadays, people don’t only look for the working capacity of a voltaic fiddle. They also give special attention to the outline of the item. Because if you own an electric violin, you must be a performer and perform in front of an audience whether they are little in amount or huge.

The design of the violin expresses your choice and taste of the music. Yamaha knew the strad patterns’ importance, so they gave this specific model an elegant yet pretty design. This design was given to it after getting inspired by seeing the shape of a classical violin.

The simple and clean lines on the long beautiful wood make it look like an old retro fiddle. The “S” shaped round design attached to it from the outside adds to its charm. One of the major reasons why the consumers have picked it is the desigN

Easy to Use

The popularity of voltaic fiddles increases with the days passing mainly because they are not complicated to play. However, some electric violins are quite difficult to operate.

But luckily, Yamaha created the easiest utilized type of electric violin. The Yamaha electric violin-yEV105NT-natural-5 string, natural (YEV105NT), is made so that you have to purchase it, and after you get it, you can start playing it without any hassle. All you need to do is plug it in into the amplifier, and you are good to go

Feels Amazing to Play

You don’t want to feel bored playing the violin. Then this is the right pick for you. Many fiddlers feel bored because of its overall performance. Some don’t feel great about the poor sound quality, some don’t like the design, and some feel annoyed because the strad is difficult to control.

But we can assure you that with Yamaha’s this model voltaic fiddle, you will feel like you are a pro and enjoy performing in front of a huge audience. Also, you will enjoy mental peace when practicing alone. Want to know why? Because it looks marvelous, you will want to play it right after getting your hands on it. Plus, it includes Yamaha electronics that ensure fabulous sounds. Lastly, it is ready for use when it arrives and simple to utilize.

Clean & Simple Sound

What’s the point in investing a huge deal of money after a violin that creates unclear and indecent sounds? It will be a proper waste of money, won’t it? Plus, you will not get the enjoyment of playing it at all.

Your audience will pay no attention to you the second time after the first time hearing from you unpleasant tones. So, you should pick the right electric violin that will not disappoint you or your listeners with its tunes.

The strad we are recommending you will surely produce the sound that comes in clean and lovely waves. It is truly an excellent acoustic violin. The manufacturer has guaranteed the best sound quality from it.

Strong Body

Since electric-powered strads are expensive enough, you should buy the strong ones. If the violin’s body is made using poor quality woods and not built accurately, it will not last long. There is a chance of them breaking sooner and easily.

So, how will you understand which fiddle has a strong body? Of course, strads are made of superior-quality wood. Yamaha electric violin-YEV105NT-natural-5 string, natural (YEV105NT) has a very secure body. We can claim it since the manufacturer used 6 various high-quality kinds of wood to make it.

Adjustable bridge

It’s really important that you can adjust the bridge of the violin. Sometimes professional violinists face many difficulties with the adjustment of the bridge, but when there is no way to make adjustments, they face issues.

Sometimes the sound quality seems not good, and so the user needs to adjust the bridge. If you buy this electrical violin, you will have full independence to adjust the bridge as required. Thus you can bring changes to the quality of the sounds when necessary

Ready for Play

You will feel glad to know that it is all set up. Yes, when the violin arrives, it is all ready for you to play. They have already adjusted everything and sent it to you, fully ready to be used. However, you can change the bridge adjustment later when you feel the need.

Light Weight

There are many cheap electric-powered strads in the market. You can get them for a much lower price but later will have to regret it. Because most of such violins are heavy, it feels uncomfortable when you put them on your shoulder.

It’s impossible to perform for hours with a heavy violin. Hence make sure the voltaic fiddle you want to purchase is light weighted. Fortunately, our suggested electric-powered electric violin 5 string is very light in weight.

When it is put on the shoulder, it seems there is nothing at all. You can keep it on the shoulder the whole day and play it as long as you want comfortably.

No Headphones, Batteries, or Preamps Required

The best fact about the Yamaha electric violin 5-string is that there is no requirement to have preamps, batteries, or headphones to use it. You can utilize it with electricity only. After plugging it in, you are all set to play the electric violin.


  • Comes in a delicate and elegant appearance.
  • Simple and convenient to utilize.
  • Made of six different premium-quality wood.
  • Produces great sounds.
  • Budget-friendly item.


  • Shoulder rest, chin rest, and violin case is not included

Difference between 5 string, 4 string & normal string violin

5 string electric violin

If you are planning to find out which string violin is suitable for you, you must keep knowledge of various string strads.

They have differences, and that diversity makes their performance vary from each other. Let’s get to know how the 5 string, 4 string, and normal string violin varies.

5 String

Violins that come with 5 strings were made as a quick fix for improvisers that let composers blend the pitch lines of the fiddle and viola. Such strads have an additional string tuned below to the pitch of the fiddle’s usual range.

Hence, this violin is a variant one.  A standard fiddle usually has G, D, E, and A strings, but a 5-5 string violin electric fiddle typically comes with a lower string (C). The existence of the 5 string violin came in 1963 for the first time, modified by the popular violinist Bobby Hicks.

Usually, the fifth or C string vibrates slightly softer due to the limitations of the size of the violin. The five-string fiddles excel in melodic forms that let improvisation since they have versatility and a wide range. They are mainly used for jazz, fiddling, and swing music. Fiddlers who use this strad favor its capability to play portions written for viola or violin.

4 String

The 4 string violin is a fiddle with four strings: G, D, E, A. In such violins, the G string is always the lowest or thickest gauge. It coincides with the G string under the middle string. Cover the keyboard of the piano.

The concept of a four strings violin came first in 1550 from northern Italy. If you want to go from higher to lower, the strings following E, A, D, G. Strads with four strings can create melodic music. However, it is not as good as the five-string fiddle.

Traditional Violin

Well, believe it or not! But a four strings violin is referred to as the normal violin. It’s because the usual strad includes at least four strings.

However, there are fiddles with three strings, but the strad comes with four strings and is considered a normal string violin

Yamaha Electric Violin YEV105NT


What is a 5-string violin called?

A violin with five strings is called a variant fiddle. It got such a name because it had an extra string adapted to a pitch under the fiddle’s normal range. The violin does not sound squeaky. Rather it sounds crystal clear.

Is there a five-string violin?

Yes, there is a five-string violin. This kind of violin is a recent invention of the 20th century. Luckily, playing it isn’t hard. However, you must learn to play the four string violin at least like an expert. Generally, the fifth violin string is added to the reduced end of the range.

What is the fifth string on a 5-string violin?

It’s a commonly asked question by those who are interested in learning fiddles deeply. In simple terms, the fifth string on a 5 string violin is the “Do” or C string which allows us to get the lower string.

Should I get a 5-string violin?

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Do you need Rosin for an electric violin?

Rosin is a must-have whether you want to play viola, violin, or an electric-powered violin. Because, without it, the bow hair will move crosswise around the strings. This will lead to less friction, meaningless sound production.

Can an electric violin work without an amp?

Well, the name of the violin answers by itself. Since it is called “electric violin,” it means there is no way it can without getting an amp. With the help of an external device, one must plug in the electric violin, or else the audience will fail to hear the tones.

Final Words

The 5 string electric violin is now a trending musical instrument. People who can play the four strings violin are growing interested in trying out the 5-string violin. Well, why will they not be interested?

It has various size violins. So depending upon your requirements, you have several choices to pick from. They are claimed to be excellent musical instruments for giving live performances. So, if you are a true violinist and dream of making it your career, you must get the best 5 string electric violin.

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