Cremona SV 175 – Best for All Skill Level

These days’ violin learners are rising in number. So, violin students look for a suitable fiddle to learn to play the violin quickly and easily. Since you are here, you must be in the process of learning the violin. In such a case, the perfect fiddle for a learner like you is Cremona SV 175 violin.

However, as a consumer, it’s your right to check out any product thoroughly before deciding to have it. Hence, we have prepared for you Cremona SV 175 review article. We will discuss its features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages with a quick review.

At the end of our discussion, you will have a complete concept of the Cremona violin SV 175. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Cremona SV 175

Quick Review

Cremona SV 175 is an outstanding piece of art. This Amati is helpful for those who are dreaming of becoming a violinist sooner. It performs so well that the user loses themselves in the melodies.

Such an excellent violin has everything positive about it. Here is a quick review of the fiddle. We have reviewed each essential factor with an explanation. Let’s take a look at all the specialities the violin has.

Quality Sound

The SV 175 has been the popular choice among violin students, both the advancing and beginning students. The main reason for its admiration for over thirty years is the sound quality.

Yes, it’s been serving people with incredible tone quality and soothing melodies. It is designed to meet violin student needs. The select tonewoods are why it produces the most delicate possible tone.

Strings are another significant fact in the production of artistic music. Hence, the manufacturer found out the best quality strings are Prelude strings. It’s made in the USA and is known for making high-grade sounds.

Exclusive Design

The violin design can impact the user’s mind when playing it. The better it looks, the more professional vibes the player gets. To give it a splendid look, it is handcrafted. The hand-carved maple is used in making its sides and back. The top of it is made of quality spruce wood.

The manufacturer has given it the perfect warm brown finish, making it beautiful in everyone’s eyes. A composite tailpiece finishes the figure for precise tuning. The tailpiece is lightweight. The fine texture of the wooden violin looks so impressive.


It comes in seven different sizes. Depending on the age and the distance of the left wrist from the neck, you can choose any particular dimension of the violin. So, you can buy for yourself or your kids, parents.


The case it comes in is vast indeed. It has places to put your violin, bows, and another pocket where you can put other necessary accessories.


You should know the features of Cremona SV-175 properly because it will give you the A to Z understanding of the product. After learning the key components of the fiddle, you will realize whether it’s worth a shot or not. Let’s find out the noticeable features of the violin below.

Cremona SV 175


The SV-175 violin outfit comes with an attractive scroll. It looks impressive since it’s handcrafted with effort and care. The uniquely designed scroll will blow the viewer’s mind away. Although the scroll has the usual shape, the finish and texture bring differences.Because the surface is polished well, an Amati student will enjoy its beauty while playing it. They used solid spruce for longevity.


The manufacturer used premium quality pegs for this fiddle. The pegs are fitted perfectly. Thus it holds the strings well and can produce fascinating tones. Swiss-style ebony pegs are used only to ensure a violin creates incredible melodies.

People know the strings play the central role for better tone production, but the truth is, quality pegs ensure the strings have a durable place to stay right in their areas and so the strings can make fantastic music.


Like pegs, nuts play a significant role in keeping the strings at their places. These are placed with care in between the fingerboard and pegbox. The nut does the work of holding the string in place, so the Cremona SV-175 has a high-grade nut. These notches emerge on the fingerboard from each string.


How would you feel if your violin fingerboard felt uneven? Of course, it would be so distracting. The fingerboard is an essential part of the violin, and so it is always made of quality wood. Thanks to the manufacturer, they didn’t compromise the fingerboard quality and used ebony woods to make it.

So, when playing the Cremona SV-175, your fingers will feel convenient when pressing down the fingers over the rope core strings.


This Amati is the definite quality workmanship of Cremona. They have made wise decisions in choosing quality strings for it. The different violin comes with other strings. This particular violin comes in three and four strings. The strings are super sensitive, and so they create magical tones


The neck is the part of a violin located between the fiddle body, scroll, and pegbox. This part should have the most durability. And so, the Cremona SV 175 violin neck is created using solid maple. Its vital job is to support the violin strings


The composite tailpiece is another crucial part of a violin that has the shape of a triangle. It’s made of wood. The strings are attached to the strand on its lower end. The Cremona SV-175 violin has a lightweight quality composite tailpiece. The wood is a good grade and is usually used for making premium violin tailpieces.


A violinist desires a convenient chin rest since he puts his jawbone and chin over to play the fiddle. The chin rest is located near the tailpiece. The ebony chin rest provides you with comfort while being strong

Fine Tuners

Right over the tailpiece, there are some little things called fine tuners. These may not have a significant role like pegs for the tuning, yet we can’t avoid how much it improves the sound quality. Every string includes fine tuners, and the particular Amati we are discussing has smooth and quality fine tuners.


The bridge is a fiddle’s functional area. If an Amati bridge has no high-grade bridge, it will soon become useless and ruined. This creates and transmits the vibrations by balancing strings underneath them. Knowing its significance, Cremona SV 175’s bridge is made of maple wood. It means you will, of course, have great tones from this violin.


You will see ribs winding around the fiddle sides. It helps form the fiddle soundbox by connecting the back and top of a violin. It has an enormous impact on the overall performance of an Amati. You should know the violin we are talking about has good grade ribs.


The fiddle comes with a bow with an ebony frog. The octagonal brazilwood bow moves smoothly and gives durable service to its users. You can put it safely in the bow holders to keep your bow safe from any external damage when you are not using it.


The lightweight case is simple to carry by any student, whether youth or an adult. It is so sturdy that it doesn’t get broken easily.


Cremona SV 175

Before buying a fiddle, one should get to know its specifications well. Hence, we studied its specifications and now will explain to you


It is offered in various sizes. 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 3/4, 4/4 are all different sizes of Cremona violin SV 175. You can choose depending on your needs. They offer different sizes for various customers like kids, teens, youths, and adults.

Top Material

The top material is the most visible part and takes most of its stress. If it is not made of good quality wood, it will break soon. But don’t worry because Cremona uses premium-grade spruce wood in creating their violin’s top.

Back Material

Cremona SV 175

To ensure your fiddle’s longevity and safety from damages, the back part of it is made of quality maple wood.

String Material

You are guaranteed to have the outstanding sound quality from your Amati because its strings are prelude strings. This is made in the US, and violin educators prefer it to the students for the fantastic tones.

Let's Compare with MV500 and Cecilio CVN-300

Cremona SV 175

Mendini MV500 Violin

Sound Quality

The Mendini MV 500 is a very popular fiddle among young and adults. The instrument is ideally stringed, and the consumers claim that it is one of the violins in the market and a beginner violin. It is considered the perfect Amati for both beginners and experts.

Good grade strings are not the only factor that creates such melodic sounds, but the pegs, nut, tailpiece that plays a significant role in producing quality tones are all made of high-quality materials

Material Quality

The overall quality of a violin depends on what wood is used to make it. Since it’s also another recommended Strad for violin learners, it is made of high-quality maple wood. This wood is strong enough to make any output durable out of it.


It’s pretty sturdy because the solid maple woods chosen to create it are outstanding grades. If taken care of and used cautiously, it will last for over the years.


It includes quality rosin, genuine horsehair two bows, adjustable shoulder rest with padding, an extra violin strings set, chromatic string tuner with metronome, and quality lightweight hard case

Cecilio CVN 300 violin

Sound Quality

The sound quality of it is pretty good. It will do an excellent job for beginners to learn violin with ease. There is no difficulty at all in playing the violin. However, it does not sound like a professional fiddle, so an expert should look for another option other than Cecilio CVN 300

Material Quality

The materials used to make it are maple and solid spruce woods. The neck, sides, and back are maple, while the top is spruce.


It’s pretty intense since the woods chosen to create it are all of the excellent grades. If taken care of and used cautiously, it will serve you for 2 to three years.


The Cecilio CVN 300 includes some necessary accessories that you will need for playing the violin with perfection. It comes with 2 Brazil wood-made bows, a lightweight hard case, two bridges, natural rosin cake, and an extra violin string set.

Cremona SV 175


  • It is well constructed.
  • Provides warm and quality tones
  • Fabulous violin outfit and handcrafted
  • A value for money violin
  • The overall performance is excellent
  • Best for beginner students


  • A few people reviewed that the maple wood used in the violin-making was not durable enough, and as a result, their violin broke.


Most frequent questions and answers

Cremona violins are not good, but they are great. It’s because they are produced with hands and care. Both the inner and outer materials of the violins are of high quality. They are made of select-tone woods.

The ebony fittings, composite tailpiece, and other parts work outstanding. If used with proper care, they can even last for decades.

There are numerous violin brands out there, but a few are considered the best violin brands. If you ask us, we will say Cremona is the best brand that provides high-grade and budget-friendly violins.

The SV-175 Premier Student Violins are the best production of the Cremona brand. You can also check the SV-175 review to know more.

Yes, Yamaha sells violins, and they use advanced technology in producing valuable violins. Most of their violins are for professional violinists. Yamaha is also selling student violins

Lets's check the sound quality (by Violino Cremona SV 175 4/4

Final Words

This Cremona SV-175 review article has included all the necessary things you must know about the violin. We missed no essential detail, and we hope you have answered all your queries correctly.

The violin is made of select tonewoods; the ebony fittings and quality strings make it worth the try. If you are a beginner-level student, you should have it and learn to play Strad with ease like a pro.