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Stentor 1500 4/4 violin(4/4 full size violin)

Decided to learn an instrument one of the best choices but which is suitable depends on your own choice. A warm and nice tune loves all types of individuals and one in every of the most favorite tuner instrument is that the violin. Violin players achieved hard skills by struggle for an enormous period.

Every player feels very enjoyable to play the violin due to a nice tune and therefore the wonderful playing system. When someone decided to find out the violin with the very best option to explore the new experience, therein situation feels so tense how should start the violin.

Not worried about the selection because most of the days suggest the teacher or violinist for the simplest beginner violin. Stentor 1500 4/4 violin always a particular choice and highly recommended for the beginner or student by the violinist or teacher.

The feature collected by top quality fitted violin. the various and classy choice into antique color finish outlook, high-grade polish, and lovely look express an unprecedented instrument. Beginner feels more well-off for the special lightweight and sturdy body.

View Original Overview of the violin feature

Extraordinary feature and specially manufactured for the beginner player. The premium quality materials and outstanding outfit look one in every of the best choices as a brand new learner. Solid quality maple wood efficiently utilizes for back and ribs. Aged spruce nicely used on the highest, ebony finer board, and pages for comfortable enjoyable playing moments. The player loves to tune the violin with nice rope core strings and perfectly adjusted the tune by the fine tuner. Sensitively figure the finer board into the body for the durable performance. The beginner and student confidently take this one for the starting period as what needs on the feature. Very smartly own factory manufacture by the standard stylish violin.

Body feature

The hand crated body comes from the own Stentor factory. Every part and particularly tonewood absolutely picked for the high note tune. Profession utmost importance hand-fitted body designed by maple wood, a solid wood stylish top, and hardwood used for the comfortable neck.

violin body
  • A full size violin(4/4 size).
  • 4 pounds weight body.
  • Fully hand crafted body.
  • Solid spruce top.
  • Nice maple wood used for back and neck.
  • Amazing ebony fitted body.
  • Composite tailpiece integral adjusters

Sound quality feature

The high note tune an excellent one violin on the start stage and sound makes to most enjoyment into the playing experience. The rope core string and fine tuner help to regulate the proper note and delivered the dulcet tune. The expert player suggested the new player through the previous experience and natural sound quality.

violin sound quality
  • For the nice sound used rope core four strings.
  • Good quality for fine tuner used for balance the tune.
  • Very nice and warm sound delivered.
  • Every player feels more comfortable to easy tune.

Durable qualified

A cost-effective instrument confirmed the durable performance and hard fitted body assure the perdurable period. Most of the time players love for durable and life-long performance. Every material carefully applied with the results of extended times.

stentor 1500 violin
  • Every parts made by high grade quality materials.
  • Selected maple wood body.
  • Make sure a durable violin for user.
  • Tradition way used for long lasting use.

Amazing bow


Bow plays a major figure within the feature of the perfect violin and crated the sound by friction with the violin. The bow fitted by first-rate unbleachable Mongolian horsehair. High-quality Brazilian wood used for comfortable handling and very long time performance.

stentor 1500 violin
  • A special fitted bow ensure to warm sound
  • Specially taken the genuine Mongolian horsehair.
  • Accurate Brazilian wood used for nice bow.

Light weight case

The important part of the violin may be a lightweight case. one of the most effective sites confirmed the less weight case which definitely assured transport to easy and hard shape confirm the safe instrument. Very nicely adjusted pockets for the opposite accessories and a soft quality blanket also included the case.

stentor 1500 violin
  • Hard body comes with the nice shape case.
  • Light weight body confirmed transport to easy.
  • Case inside comprises pockets for safely protect accessories.
  • Warm quality for protect the violin.

Why recommended to the beginner

Teachers are very expert to understand the exact match balance the new player. Through classes try it out into several students for play the different models. But hardly reached out to perfect match for the beginner and considered a big amount of student feedback. When an instrument elected by calculate many aspects and reasons. Sound enthrall apprentice instrumentalist to play the instrument and exercise for long time. Comfortable to carry motivate as simple part of life. Light weight body doesn’t get irritate after the short performance. Inception player never wasted heavy money and affordable price big site to pick. Overall, all of the demands encircle Stentor 1500 4/4 violin.

Pros and Cons


  • Beginner best choice to start level.
  • Durable fitted body by solid maple wood.
  • Nice sound delivered.
  • Light weight body
  • Light weight and hard case transport to easy.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Premium quality materials used for manufacture.
  • Traditional brown varnish applied for nice look.
  • 1 year warranty for manufacture defects.


  • Perfect for the beginner but as kids player not perfect to play.
  • Antique quality varnish but thick and uneven must improve on varnish.
  • High grade materials used for fitted body but somewhere sued low quality materials that affected for upgrade instrument.

Must survive to check the sound quality and how to create the best ever warm tune. So let’s check the sound quality below the video.

Let’s compare with Stentor 1400 violin

One of the foremost similar points between the two features is the beginner violin but not alike in many aspects. Many features aren’t an equivalent way but highly recommended for the beginner. Stentor holds on the normal way to manufacture and therefore the highest concern on player performance. Let’s check the characteristic of the two violins.

stentor 1500 violin

Both bodies manufactured my handmade factory but various materials do with perdurable conduct. Stentor 1400 used solid tonewoods with nice quality rosewood pegs and ebony fingerboard and an alloy tailpiece with four undivided adjusters but into this feature solid maple wood back, ribs, and side. Ebony fingerboard and pages, nylon tailpiece, solid spruce top, and hardwood rest used for the higher fitting better than then Stentor 1400 model.

sound quality improved the playing experience and increase the nice and cozy tune needs the higher instrument. Stentor hardly worked with every single model and tried to added the simplest feature to enhance a warm sound. This feature used high-quality materials for a warm tune and also Stentor 1400 applied the simplest feature to rise the nice and high tune but sometimes did not deliver the precise tune requires constant tuning.

Both feature great for a beginner but better feature very suitable for a beginner. Stentor 1400 violin very well feature and Stentor 1500 violin attached upgrade feature that absolutely better than previous models.

Finally few words

Beginner not an expert but an informative review helps to catch up with the appropriate violin. Stentor 1500 provides a unique and better choice. Beginner dost not neglect to tune up and join the practices because of the lightweight body is the most attractive object to carry and rise warm tune, and definitely glossy nice varnish. The teacher suggests by previous player experience and convenience experience. The trusted hand-fitted and own factory-made violin offers the beginner to start the playing journey with it.

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