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The general belief is; investing in an expensive violin is a must in order to get decent sound quality. But this is not true at all. The good news is, there are some inexpensive high-quality violins available on the market which provide excellent sound and maintain the highest quality.

Mendini MV200 violin comes with all impressive features within an affordable price range. It is designed for those who have never played the violin before and are keen to learn. With so many simple functions, this affordable budget violin is easy to use.

In this antique violin review, we will look for the answer, why this model is superior to others at this price range.

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mendini mv200 Violin Review – Why Should You Buy This?

The Mendini MV200 is equipped with everything that a beginner needs to start learning violin right away. You will love to know that it will cost you less than $100.

Here are the specifications of this decent violin.


  • Brand:
  • Size: 4/4
  • Colour: Natural
  • Sizes: 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, 1/16, 3/4, and 4/4 (full size of violin)
  • Weight: 3.29lbs. for ½ size, 3.34lbs. for ¼ size, 3.69lbs. for ¾ size, 3.79lbs. for 4/4 size
  • Top Material: Maple, Spruce
  • Back Material: Maple
  • Neck Material: Maple Wooden
  • Maple fingerboard.
  • Bow Material: Brazilwood
  • Bridge: Good quality
  • Finish: Beautiful
  • Included Accessories: Bow, Rosin, spare strings, Soft shoulder strap, extra violin bridge.
  • Included a violin first lesson book.

As stated earlier, this product is for all beginners age, and you can conveniently find your size. It is advisable not to buy a poor-quality violin. If you do so, your time, money, and effort will be wasted.

Key Features:

  • Ideal music instruments for adults and kids
  • Made of quality materials ensures its durability
  • It comes with all necessary accessories like quality high-quality rosin cake, bow, Bridge, etc.
  • This violin has a warm tone and produces good quality sound
  • High-quality ebony pegs and ebony fittings.
  • Available in 8 different sizes
  • It is an entirely economic consideration.
  • 4 built-in fine tuners.
  • Mendini Full Size MV200 Solid Wood Natural Varnish Violin.
  • Alloy Composite tailpiece.
mendini mv200 violin

Mendini MV200 Violin – In-depth Review

The beginning of a journey is always challenging. So be sure; the Mendini MV200 will assist you in making your journey easy. Also, you will be able to reach the zenith with this violin.

Let’s read the in-depth review of its feature from below.

Elegant Design

The Mendini MV200 is a hand-carved violin outfit. The top made with hand-carved solid spruce top. Also, the sides and back are constructed using solid maple. The neck and sides have a beautiful finish. Also, an alloy tailpiece with 4 patented fine tuners.

Many professional musicians appreciate its warmth and rosiness. This violin blends easily with other instrument’s shadows, and any visual artist can describe its body as attractive in any context. Mendini MV200 student violin is stylishly designed, and it preserves the shape of professional-quality instruments.

Each component of this violin is made of high-quality materials to provide many years of service. In addition, this violin is beautiful and perfect for learning the fundamentals.

Sound Quality

When buying a musical instrument, good sound quality is one of the top priorities of every customer. The best thing is, Mendini violin MV200’s sound quality is quite impressive. Its bright and vibrant sound quality will make you interested in playing the violin.

Whether you are a knowledgeable violin musician or not, the sound of this violin will let you dive into the sea of melody. In fact, the sound will give you peace of mind. Moreover, the sound of this violin will strike the listener’s heart with the intensity of the lighting. But, at the same time, it will install a spirit of glory.

Although the sound quality is not that great compared to a high-end violin, it is suitable option for students and beginners. Additionally, you will barely find the same sound quality in other violins of this price range.


Since it has been manufactured keeping students and beginners in mind, the manufacturers have designed it for beginner‘s convenience.

The shoulder rest comes with an adjustability feature, and thus it stays restfully on your shoulder. Additionally, soft foam is used for padding for the shoulder rest, which means, if you need to play the violin for long hours, you will not feel shoulder fatigue. Isn’t it amazing?

Besides, the violin bridge is positioned at a convenient height. As a result, the distance between the strings and fretboard gets minimal. For this reason, you don’t need to apply too much pressure to the violin strings to touch the fretboard when playing this violin.

More importantly, when buying this violin, make sure to look at the violin size closer according to the age. To get the right size violin, you need to measure from the neck to the wrist, or if you’re not sure, you can go to any music store, and they will let you know what size your shield needs. Playing the violin will be much more comfortable if you buy the best-suited size as per your age.

mendini mv 200 violin

Fingerboard & Bow

As you already understand, the violin is made from high-end and natural wood. It is so solidly built that you will doubt mendini mv200 violin price.

Maple constructed fingerboard gives it a rugged look. But, simultaneously, it provides a smooth feeling under your fingers.

The bow is pretty alright. It is made using a combo of original unbleached Mongolian horsehair and ultimate Brazilian wood. The violin bow is excellent for a starting violinist. Like all new bows, though, it takes quite a bit of rosin to get it to produce a sound when run along the strings. Once you have it ready, though, it works just fine.

Strings & Tuning Pegs

In terms of quality, the violin’s strings are great. It includes additional 4 strings, which will be handy for beginners and students for sure. In addition, the strings are made of steel which makes them rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Besides, ebony pegs are available with this violin which are hard but sturdy enough. They are true in their performance and hold the violin in tune quite perfectly. The construction of the pegs is far better than other plastic pegs found in cheap violins.

Overall, this violin has a strong sound and stays in rich tone very nicely.

What did we like most?

  • After unboxing, the violin is ready to play
  • 4 extra strings are available with the violin
  • Great sound quality
  • Attractive design with high varnish
  • Hand-carved with quality wood
  • High-quality Mongolian genuine horsehair constructed bow
  • Standard wood-varnished finish
  • It creates a melodic sound.
  • A chin rest for easy tuning.
  • Adjustable shoulder rest
  • It comes with lightweight form  a nice sturdy case.
  • One-year warranty against manufacture defects. 

What could be better?

  • Unsuitable for professionals
  • Frequent fine-tuning is mandatory.

Comparison Between Mendini MV 200 vs MV 300 vs Stentor 1400 Violin

mendini mv 200 violin

Mendini MV200, Mendini MV300, and Stentor 1400 violins are all manufactured for beginners and students.

But you have to buy any of them. So here we looked at the comparison of Mendini MV200 vs MV300 vs Stentor 1400 Violin so that you can make a precise buying decision.

Mendini mv 200 violin

  • Construction: Maple,Spruce.
  • Weight: 3.79 lbs.
  • Finish Type: Golden Color Finish.
  • Bow Quality: Natural Brazilian wood and genuine Mongolian horsehair.
  • Number of Strings:4.
  • Strings Material: Steal.
  • Price: Inexpensive.

Mendini Mv 300 violin

  • Construction: Maple,Spruce.
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Finish Type: Rich Satin Antique color varnish.
  • Bow Quality: Natural Brazilian wood and genuine Mongolian horsehair.
  • Number of Strings:4.
  • Strings Material: Steal.
  • Price: Little bit high than Mendini MV200.

Stentor 1400 violin

  • Construction: Maple, Spruce, Ebony.
  • Weight: 4.38 lbs.
  • Finish Type: Rich brown lacquer varnish finish.
  • Bow Quality: Natural Brazilian wood and genuine Mongolian horsehair.
  • Number of Strings:4.
  • Strings Material: Brozen.
  • Price: Expensive.

Mendini MV200 vs. MV300 vs. Stentor 1400 Violin – In-depth Discussion

This section will share an in-depth discussion of the comparison between mendini violin mv200 vs mv300 vs Stentor 1400 Violin. Hopefully, after reading this section, making a buying decision will be much easier for you.


Violins need to be constructed using original and high-quality wood. If the body of a violin gets damaged, then the whole instrument becomes unusable because violins are irreparable.

Mendini MV 200 and Mendini MV300, both violins, are made from Maple and Spruce wood. The top, the bottom, and the fretboard are well-built so that the user can get long-term service.

While Stentor 1400 violins are top and bottom are made of maple and spruce wood, respectively. Also, Ebony wood is used on the sides. High-grade materials ensure the longevity of this violin.

Mendini MV200, Mendini MV300, and Stentor 1400 are durable and have promised to deliver outstanding performance for many years in the case of construction and durability.


Violins need to be played keeping on the shoulder; hence weight plays a vital role at this point.

The Mendini MV300 weighs 5lbs., while Stentor 1400 is 4.3lbs. and Mendini MV200 is 3.79lbs. Among these 3 violin types, It is the lightest, which means, playing this violin for long hours will never become tiresome.

However, Mendini MV300 violin and Stentor 1400 violin are also lightweight compared to their rivals, and a violinist will not feel strain in their shoulder when playing them.

In fact, all three violin types offer comfort in long hours of playing.

Finish Type

“The first impression is the best impression,” we all know this saying. Since Mendini MV200, MV300, and Stentor 1400 are ideal options for students, beginners, kids, and adults, these 3 violins need to be attractive in their eyes.

Keeping this point in mind, Mendini MV200, MV300, and Stentor 1400 are crafted with a golden color finish, rich satin antique varnish finish, and rich brown lacquer varnish finish, respectively.

The finishes of these violins grab the attention of kids, adults, and their parents as well. There is no chance that anyone would dislike the color and finish.

All 3 violins are the best in their class and quality. In the end, whatever model you choose, make sure that the violin is meeting your kid’s requirements.

mendini mv 200 violin

Which Types of Player Should Use Mendini MV200 Violin?

Mendini MV200 is an excellent violin for beginners, students, kids, and adults. With great design and construction, it produces a warm sound that everyone will lose themselves in the silence of the melody.

This violin includes all the necessary accessories which are mandatory to start as a violinist, which means you don’t need to buy Violin accessories separately.

Mendini Violin Price

By reading the specification and key features of Mendini MV200, you might be wondering that it would be an expensive violin.

The remarkable thing is, you don’t need to break your bank to buy Mendini MV200 since it is available at less than $100. This is one of the cheapest violins in the market with all the exclusive features compared to its class.

mendini mv 200 violin


Most frequent questions and answers for mendini mv200 violin

By reading the specification and key features of Mendini MV200, you might be wondering that it would be an expensive violin.

The remarkable thing is, you don’t need to break your bank to buy Mendini MV200 since it is available at less than $100. This is one of the cheapest violins in the market with all the exclusive features compared to its class.

when we are looking affordable violins in cheapest price?  You will find many models of cheap violin on the market, but all of them are not built following the same quality. Mendini MV200, MV300, MV400, and Stentor 1400 are a few violin models which are the affordable option in their class. Also, they produce good sound quality and are made from quality materials to provide an extended period of service.

when we are curious as a buyer, is mendini a good violin brand. we should be known its organ. cecilio violin company is a top-rated violin brand, and they manufactured several great models of violin which professional violinists appreciate. Players of multiple levels prefer their violins for the unique sound quality. Their manufactured violins and bows are made using high-quality materials. More importantly, to meet the serious player’s expectations, their musical instruments are strung with D’Addario strings. So the Mendini MV200 from Cecilio violin is a best choice for different level players.

When buying a good starter violin, make sure it comes with the below features.

  • High-quality construction
  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable to play
  • All necessary accessories are included
  • Best beginner violin by mendini violin ratings level.

Let's check the sound quality with important notes.

Finally Few Words

With a perfectly finished body, reliable impressive quality, and natural warm tune, the Mendini MV200 violin is a value for money product. This is the best violins for beginners and also for students. Every newcomer is passionate about learning violin, and this model is the best one to take their skill to the next level.

This violin is recommended for its attraction, and it offers the best performance at the lowest price. Remember, you are not seeking a violin for professionals; instead, you are looking for a beginner’s violin. Mendini MV200 is the best student violin, and you will never regret buying it.

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