Kids Violin Review: 12 Best Performing Violin for Kids

The violin is a wonderful instrument for your kids to learn. Kids can refine their talents and attain their maximum potential with the appropriate kids’ violin. Not all violins are manufactured equal. Despite its traditional appearance, even little differences in size and construction quality can significantly impact how children learn.

If your kids wish to develop as musicians, they will be required to switch to a higher-quality violin. In this article, we reviewed the 12 best violins for kids. Hopefully, it will help you to make the best decision to choose and buy a kids violin.

Best 12 Kids Violin Review 2021

The perfect violin for kids is the one that satisfies all of your kid’s requirements. Here we have picked the 12 best violins that can meet all the requirements for your kids

Best Premium Quality Choice: Cremona SV-150 size 1/16

Cremona SV-150 size 1/16

Are you looking for the best elegant violin set for your little one? The Cremona Violin set is a premium quality violin for kids and the best kit to start. With flamed wood in a light red finish, this Cremona SV-200 has a classic and aesthetic appearance. This instrument comes with D’Addario Excellent Prelude strings, which are an excellent set for beginner violinists.

This kids Violin set comes with excellently fitted boxwood pegs as well as a quality lightweight four smooth tuners composite tailpiece for easy tuning. It’s a responsive instrument, which means it’s simple to play without exerting too much force. Hand-carved straight spruce boxwood fitting, a solid maple frame, as well as an ebony fingerboard make this violin more unique.

For appropriate finger placement and tuning, this violin features the proper string pitch and spacing. It has a hefty price tag, but it includes all of the features included in the violin’s that beat the price. The violin is often of good quality for the money, and it is perhaps the ideal violin for students who plan to play for a long time.


  • Classic and premium appearance.
  • High-quality materials build.
  • Includes case for easy carrying.
  • Premium quality strings.


  • It doesn’t come with a beginner kit.

Best Craftsmanship Kids Violin: Mendini ½ MV500

Mendini ½ MV500

The Mendini MV500 violin is a high-quality instrument that is suitable for beginners. It’s an excellent instrument for beginners, particularly if you or your kid will love playing the violin for more than a week or even months. The violin is finished in a lovely varnish with a charred appearance that gives it one-of-a-kind.

It features a spruce top built of maple wood, delivering it a warm, brilliant acoustic tone. It includes four fine tuners that can be removed, a lightweight, protective case, an additional bridge, excellent quality rosin, an additional bow, as well as a pair of spare strings. This kids violin also includes shoulder support, which is a must-have accessory for all instrumentalists.

While playing, the shoulder rest will assist your child in maintaining proper posture. The Mendini 1/2 MV500 is a really pretty violin that can make pretty good and soft tunes. The package includes everything you’ll need to get started learning how to play. This violin would be ideal for a starting student willing to play violin for a long time.


  • Excellent design with quality materials.
  • Includes extra strings and shoulder rest.
  • Made much prettier and smoother tune.
  • It comes with everything need to get started.


  • The quality of the bow and rosin needs to be improved.

Best Violin for Beginners: Cecilio CVN-300

Cecilio CVN-300

The Cecilio CVN-300 is the best kids violin and perfect for Beginners. This is an excellent violin with a sturdy spruce wood exterior, maple body, back, as well as sides, and antique varnished inlay purfling. Unfortunately, extra strings are not included, so you’ll have to purchase them separately.

This kids violin features an ebony fingerboard, chin rest, pegs, and a nickel-plated fine tuner’s tailpiece. The four nickel-plated tuners are removable for later use, and the nickel-plated tuners will assist your youngster in tuning it well. It’s a responsive instrument, which means it’s simple to play without exerting too much force, and the tone is smooth and pleasant.

The Cecilio CVN-300 package includes a couple of Mongolian horsehair bows, an additional bridge, rosin cake, and comfortable shoulder rest that is adjustable. It also comes with a protective bag to safeguard the instrument and a Cecilio turner to ensure that your kid’s instrument is always tuned correctly. It is such an excellent violin for kids that your child will utilize it as a beginner pupil.


  • Excellent build quality and classic look.
  • Excellent and suitable for Beginners.
  • It is budget-friendly and affordable.
  • It comes with a bridge and additional bow.
  • High-quality nickel ensures better durability.


  • It does not have an extra string.

Best Sounding Kids Violin: Paititi Artist-100

Paititi Artist-100

If you are willing to provide your kids the best possible start with the violin world, you should invest in an elevated instrument. The Paititi Artist-100 Violin is a high-quality instrument for beginners, children, and individuals just getting started with the violin. The violin is constructed of excellent natural wood and has a sleek and glossy finish. It has been fitted up and is prepared to play.

This best kids violin comes with a lightweight design, clip-on tuner, a bow, and a set of extra tune strings. The tuners have a vibrations sensor as well as a one-button function. It’s simple to connect to the violin, and then when the string is adjusted appropriately, the multicolored light becomes green. The brazilwood bow features a dual pearl eye as well as horsehair that hasn’t been bleached.

The sound quality of this instrument is extraordinary, and it can play with a soft touch. This kids violin set comes with comfortable shoulder rest and a violin case to easily carry and safely maintain. It’s best for youngsters aged 11 and up since it is a full-size violin. It has a 23.5-inch arm length, so ensure it will fit your youngster.


  • It comes with an additional set of strings.
  • Tuning is simple with this clip-on tuner.
  • Adjustable and comfortable shoulder rest.
  • This product is affordable in price.


  • The violin case quality is not good.

Best Student Violin Starter Kit: ADM 1/4 Solid Wood

ADM 1/4 Solid Wood

ADM’s 1/4 Student Violin Beginning Kit is designed to provide youngsters the greatest start possible by providing incredible tone, aesthetic appeal, sturdiness, and versatility. It’s an excellent pick for a student because it offers the same basic functions that a hobbyist would get from a higher advanced version. Its low price makes it a good choice for people who aren’t sure if they want to play.

This violin set has four excellent tuners and an aluminum tailpiece. It includes a couple of additional bridges and an additional set of strings. This kids violin also has a wood stick bow with horsehair, bridge, rosin, polishing cloth, and fingerboard sticker. The model comes with a molded foam carrying case that may be worn as a backpack.

The Brazilwood bow is of excellent quality, and I recommend this as a bow that creates an outstanding tone for a less sophisticated instrument. The violin is protected with a strong nylon shell and a cushioned plush interior. This ADM student instrument is ideal for individuals who want a playable violin without paying a hefty price.


  • Excellent Kit for starter student.
  • It comes with complete assembly.
  • High-quality strings and tuners.
  • Durable and reliable build quality.


  • The quality of the fingerboard is poor.

Best Violin for Small Children: SKY Brand New Children's Violin

SKY Brand New Children's Violin

The SKY Brand New kids Violin was designed with small children in mind. It’s one of the best and suitable sizes for a young child. The amazing thing about the SKY brand instruments is that it is not made of cheap plastic or other materials. With a blue exclusive gloss polish, the hand-carved violin looks as nice as it sounds, making it appealing to children.

High-quality materials like hardwoods are used throughout the violin. A strong lacquer finish has also been applied to it. Particle wood was used instead of fiberglass to achieve maximal results. And the most effective tone from this violin’s core and bridge. Wooden pegs, a horsehair bow, a fingerboard, and comfortable shoulder rest are frequently included in this set. This is aimed at assisting youngsters in their initial classes.

This kids Violin is designed to help new students make their first steps in the world of music. It has a solid and trustworthy structure because it is expected that some children will be in charge of it. When it comes to children, keeping the thrill alive is a wonderful thing. With its glossy blue appearance, this instrument will evoke strong emotions in most children.


  • Design to assist beginner students.
  • Durable and premium quality build.
  • Hand-carved premium-gloss finish.
  • It comes with everything for beginners.


  • It does not include additional rosin or strings.

Best Premier Student Violin: Cremona SV-200

Cremona SV-200

Are you looking for a kids violin that has an elegant as well as a traditional appearance? You don’t need to go further since this option contains all you could require. Yes! Cremona SV-200 is such a best violin that has a unique ergonomic appearance. It is best for kids and all levels of musicians, from newbies to professionals.

The Cremona SV-200 satisfies all essential quality standards, with elevated ebony components and four excellent tuners. Furthermore, the ebony pegs have a perfect fit for all. This violin set comes with an ebony fingerboard, Prelude strings, and a removable tuner. The violin case is included in the package with a built-in hygrometer for carrying and storing the violin.

This kids violin has some of the highest tune quality. You’ll be able to good-tune your instrument in a flash with the assistance of the four excellent tuners. The frame of this Kids violin is handmade from solid maple by skilled luthiers. The instrument is suitable for both beginner and more advanced musicians due to its qualities.


  • Premium-quality design with quality materials.
  • Ergonomic and vintage appearance.
  • It comes with Premium quality strings.
  • Included durable violin case.


  • This violin is a little bit heavier.

Most Unique Violin for Kids: Sky VN202

Sky VN202

The Sky VN202 Violin is a beginner-quality violin that is also suitable for individuals who are uncertain about studying the instrument. It is a high-quality instrument at an affordable price. The Sky VN202 violin has been properly set up so you can begin playing right away. It’s the best kids violin that provides outstanding value for the money.

This student violin package contains all of the crucial and necessary equipment. It includes a new fit bridge, high-quality rosin, a couple of pearl eyes, and a rubber practice mute. It also comes with comfortable shoulder rest as well as a compact triangular case. The rainproof shell of the violin case protects your instrument if you get caught in the rain. It also features pockets for storing extra music gear.

This package’s supplementary accessories are all composed of high-quality materials. It is equipped with a horse hair bow those aids in the playing of the instrument strings. The sound and tone of the Sky Violin are outstanding. It offers a pleasant overall tone and has excellent resonance. The Sky VN202 is an excellent first violin for children who are little and require small instruments.


  • Premium-quality design and build.
  • Included premium quality strings.
  • Comfortable Shoulder rest and case.
  • The sound quality is extraordinary.


  • It can be difficult to stay in sync.

Best Durable Kids Violin: Kennedy Violins Pupil Violin

Kennedy Violins Pupil Violin

Kennedy Violins Pupil Violin is a wonderfully designed starter violin composed of excellent-quality materials that is one of the most rated. This kids Violin is incredibly beautifully made. It’s built of sturdy spruce and maple wood. This Pupil Violin Outfit is the ideal starter violin because it comes with everything you’ll need to get started on the musical journey.

This durable kids violin comes with Prelude Strings as well as a set of additional Portland Strings, a horsehair bow, and a Giuliani Rosin. The strings are precisely calibrated for a pleasant playing experience. A hardshell case and high quality and comfortable shoulder rest also include this set. It’s a wonderful touch that the violin comes entirely set up and ready to play.

The manufacturer has worked to keep quality cheap since its start, and they have done it admirably with the Kennedy Pupil Kids Violin. Ultimately, this is a strongly recommended choice that complies with all requirements and is Suzuki approved.


  • Exclusive and durable build quality.
  • It comes with premium quality extra strings.
  • Comfortable shoulder rest and Hardshell case.
  • It comes entirely set up and ready to play.


  • The bow quality is a bit poor.

Best designed Kids Violin: Eastar EVA-2 4/4 Violin Set

Eastar EVA-2 4/4 Violin Set

If you have 11 years or up-old child who is willing to start learning the violin, then this Eastar EVA-2 4/4 Kids Violin Set is the best option you can buy for them. As a result, anything like this would be a terrific choice because it strikes the perfect mix between quality and price.

This instrument has a spruce wooden, maple backboard, and hardwood neck. The tuning knob is manufactured of elevated wood, has an acceptable frictional resistance, and is simple to tune. This full-size kids violin set includes a horsehair bow, a Rosin, Additional violin string, and a couple of Violin bridges. It also comes with a comfortable shoulder rest that will help to carry the instrument easily.

The tone is perfectly adequate for a budget-friendly instrument. The fingerboard of the violin is inlaid using Muscovite point, making this an apprentice-friendly product. In the process of learning, it is straightforward for pupils to locate the handle placement rapidly. Overall, a good-quality instrument that offers excellent value for money.


  • Excellent construction with quality material.
  • Included everything for a beginner.
  • Decent-quality handmade violin.
  • High-quality performance on a low budget.


  • The sound quality is not too excellent.

Best Kids Violin Toy: LilPals Amazing Child Prodigy

LilPals Amazing Child Prodigy

Are you looking for the best toy violins to introduce your little one to the musical world? Lil Pals Amazing Child Prodigy is the best toy violin to introduce your kids to the musical world. Kids play violin for enjoyment, but this enjoyment will one day turn into passion. This instrument is very fun to play.

The Lil Pals Amazing Child Prodigy kids violin toy comes with excellent design and appearance. It is manufactured with durable and excellent quality plastic materials. The high-quality build ensures excellent product lifespan. This toy violin is an excellent Musical Instrument that comes with a 12 Music Sounds Demo and Flashing Lights system.

The instrument is one of the most elegant instruments in orchestral music. The violin toy can play a range of sounds and rhythms, and one of the tunes will play if you switch on the bows and keep it on the touch panel. Your kid’s fine motor skills, creativity, inventiveness, and imagination will benefit from playing the violin. This toy violin will aid your little one in this journey.


  • Best toy violin with elegant design.
  • The size is suitable for kids.
  • This toy violin is affordable is price.


  • The sound/tune volume is very low.

Best Affordable Full-Size Violin: Cecilio 4/4 Beginner Violins Kit

Cecilio 4/4 Beginner Violins Kit

Cecilio is a top-quality violin that has been handcrafted by professional luthiers and is fashioned from one of the high-quality woods. Cecilio 4/4 Beginner Violins Kit is the best cheap violin set that can make smooth tunes. This violin set is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning to play the violin.

This Kids Violin has a great sound, and all strings are well balanced. This violin set comes with Prelude strings, an additional bridge, two bows, high-quality rosin, and a chromatic metronome string tuner. It also includes an adjustable padding shoulder rest with a lightweight, durable case for easy transport. This instrument has a mellow, one-of-a-kind sound thanks to an antique varnished spray.

This is an instrument attractive on the exterior as well as in terms of the melodies it generates. What better way of encouraging your children’s musical abilities than with this acquisition? Although if your child isn’t old enough for a full size, you can still acquire one for yourself to engage with while teaching your youngster to play. There’s nothing like starting to play the violin as a family.


  • The Best Violin set for Beginners.
  • Durable and excellent quality materials.
  • Included everything that a beginner needs.
  • Able to make smooth as well as better tune.


  • The tubing peg has a bit of an issue.
Kids Violin

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Kids Violin

When deciding to purchase a kids violin, there are several elements and characteristics that you should consider. To assist you in selecting the perfect beginning violin for a kid, here are some requirements outlined below.

Violin size

It’s essential to get the correct violin size for a kid to handle and play the instrument comfortably. Starting to play an inappropriate violin is damaging to your kid’s enjoyment and progress as a musician. A wrong size violin will affect how effortless it is to perform and, more importantly, how much fun it is to practice. To avoid any problems regarding good technique development, selecting the correct size kids violin is essential.

Manufacturing Materials

It’s essential to consider the materials of each component while purchasing a quality violin for kids. A violin can be made out of a variety of materials. Different types of wood, plastic, ebony, and plywood are commonly used to manufacture instrument parts. In terms of quality, Maple wood is far better than plastic, although it is pricier. Each material has advantages, disadvantages, and dedicated functionalities that should be considered before making a purchase.

Shoulder rests, and chin rests.

Shoulder rest, as well as chin rests, are an important part of a violin. A premium quality shoulder rest allows the kid to stand in the proper position comfortably. It relieves any strain or discomfort while also allowing the violin to resonate properly.

On the other hand, the chin rests perfectly suit the contour of the kid’s chin, allowing them to stare at the fingerboard with their head upright. So, you should consider a kids violin that comes with premium quality and comfortable shoulder rests, and chin rests.

Additional Accessories

Not only the shoulder rests, and chin rests, but also you should consider other additional accessories. Consider a kids violin that includes extra strings, bow, Polishing cloths, violin case, etc., that a beginner needs. All of these additional accessories are important to play the violin. It doesn’t consider only the accessories; you should also consider their quality.

Value for Money

Price is another major factor that you should consider before purchasing a kids violin. A violin’s price does not always imply that it is the best and perfect violin for kids. Many inexpensive violins are equally as good as the more expensive ones in terms of quality and performance. Consider an instrument that is both high-quality and cost-effective. As a result, you can rest assured that your child will receive the best violin possible.

Kids Violin FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

The violin is one of the most popular musical instruments, and it is offered in a range of sizes to accommodate different age groups. There are various violin sizes for kids available in the market. For ten years old kids, you should choose 1/2 or 3/4 sizes violin. According to arm’s length, these two sizes will be the best fit for this age range.

Violins exist in a variety of sizes to fit every kid’s arm. It’s essential to correctly size your youngster for the violin. Learning is convenient on the right-sized instrument, and hence more fun. Take an inch index scale to size a violin for a child. Then hold your kid’s hand straight and measure it. The size of the violin is given below, depending on the size of the hand.

Hand Length Violin size
14" to 15.5" 1/16 Size
15.5" to 17." 1/10 Size
17" to 18.5" 1/8 Size
18.5" to 20.5" 1/4 Size
20.5" to 22.5" 1/2 Size
22.5" to 24." 3/4 Size
24" Up Full Size

Violins in various sizes for children are available on the market. You should get a 1/10 size violin for a 4-year aged child. These sizes will be the optimum fit for this age range.

The answer to this question is difficult to determine. It is because the duration of musical sensitivity development varies from child to child. When your youngster should begin violin instruction is determined by many things. However, it is normally ideal to begin when a child is between 5-7.

The violin is a precise instrument, but it will be challenging for kids to play the violin at the very first of their journey. There is room for error regarding how to hold the instrument or what to play first. They’ll get more freedom as they learn how to use it, but the first few months are usually pretty regulated.

Final though

It should not be hard to choose the perfect kids violin for your youngsters. Knowing what to look for can assist you in narrowing down your selections and selecting the finest alternative. A violin that is the right size, ability level, and comfort level for your kid can make a massive difference. We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 children’s violins. With this information, sifting through the possibilities and making a perfect decision should be a breeze.