kids violin

Introduction to kids violin

Kids are brilliant to acquire a new skill and high sharp to hold, most of the time, kids are not active to elect an instrument, but maximum times parents had select the instrument for their children. Little pear hands need a comfortable instrument, besides warm tunes inspire to practice.

In the first place, the violin is one of the best instruments for the kids. It is a very sharp mind to develop the skill quickly and feels very easy to better than another subjective study. Because kids love the musical sounds and a warm tune, feel ambitious bits of help be an expert.

Currently, a violin effective not only by the performance but also to outfit look and comfortable to convey. Every single brand fitted the different level violin was the most fundamental level for a bit of beginner. Parents were not worried about the right violin’s cost, and most of the parents hadn’t the idea to take a suitable size or model.

kids need


The durable and sustainable instrument needs on this beginner kinds level. A nice wood fitted body and antique colour varnish like the children. The teacher and practice note every single tune very gently to be an expert very soon. The children level players very attentively catch every tune and after a time can play a professional player.

We have spent a lot of time gathering and comparing and comparing different brands with the best feature, finally, after hard work, very well-listed top 5 kinds of violin and very glad to nicely presented the all outstanding nice fitted violin. The highly recommended quality and most perfect models are listed by the valuable suggestion of violin experts, violinists, and buyer reviews.

ADM 1/4 Solid Wood Student Violin Starter Kit

It is a unique violin for the children level player and a very suitable fitted violin—the traditional look and nice fitted violin that’s favourite for the kid play. The warm and high tune sound quality appears a durable playing experience. The fantastic choice on a beginning level and reasonable price make them attractive to the beginner. High grade fitted body and an excellent quality bow make sure a nice combination for a player. Naturally delivered a nice tune because full-body done by tune wood and rosewood. The teacher loves the students because of a continuous long time well performance.

Feature of ADM 1/4 Solid Wood Student Violin Starter Kit

  • Violin size: 1/4 (kids perfect fitted)
  • Weight 3.1pounds.
  • Nicely fitted back, side, and nick by high-quality maple wood.
  • Rosewood fitted with the fingerboard, pages, and chain rest.
  • Antique colour varnish finished.
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top.
  • Good quality tailpiece and four fine tuners.
  • A bow fitted with Mongolian horsehair and Brazilian wood.
  • A durable hard, lightweight case with shoulder rest.
  • A good rosin cake and extra strings are also included.


  • Very nicely unique fitted for beginner kids.
  • Used high-grade maple wood and rosewood.
  • A reasonable price makes it easy to buy.
  • The lightweight case which easy to transport.
  • Durable, fitted body performance for an extended period.
  • Included 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


  • They need to improve the more updated version materials for the fitting body.

Finally, kids always enjoy the violin and its tune-up. So, the selection must be with care. This a better model for the little hands to hold easily and practice for a long time with this lightweight body. ADM’s the oldest and trusted violin brand, so that you can choose this one for the perfect beginning period.

Mendini 1/4 mv300 violin

Very famous and decent crafted by Mendini mv300 violin for the beginner player. Full size very suitable for the new learner but 1/4 size specially fitted for kids player. Professional players and teachers highly recommended, made with the high-quality value given for perfect fit. A beginner player will feel heaven time with every single tune—fully hand-fitted violin made with tonewood crafted body and fabulous outfit look.

Feature of 1/4 mendini mv300 violin

  • Violin size: 1/4 length violin.
  • Weight: 1.48 pounds.
  • Handcrafted solid spruce top, nice alloy tailpiece, and four integrated fine tuners.
  • Used solid maple hardwood for perfectly fitted sides and backs.
  • Nicely fitted maple fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs.
  • Beautiful varnish by brown colour and the antique satin finish applied.
  • A durable bow made with genuine unbleached horsehair and Brazilian wood.
  • Hard and lightweight case and comfortable shoulder rest.
  • Also included extra string set and rosin cake.
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


  • Amazing crafted for the beginner.
  • Have a lightweight body that makes sure to hold easily.
  • High graded fitted body.
  • Delivered warm sound quality.
  • Low weight case that more easy to transport.


  • It is a high tuner violin, but sometimes it leaves the high tune.

Mendini mv300 violin works with the beginner player and a most popular model by the buyer review. Parents always want to best qualify violin at the little beginner level, a suitable fit for beginners. Not much of an expensive instrument comes with a reasonable price that loves the buyer goes into practice with it.

SKY Brand New Children’s Violin

It is the best violin fitted for kid beginners and focuses on comfortable uses and an excellent colourful outlook. The small hand loves to play with the string and makes a perfect single tune-up. Usually, a little learner cannot hold the heavyweight and big size, so the little learner is very comfortable carrying the violin’s low and small size. Moreover, the sound quality makes the play attractive, and the teacher suggests to the parents to buy this violin.

Feature of SKY Brand New Children’s Violin

  • Violin size: 1/16 tiny size violin.
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds.
  • High-grade solid wood and fibreglass are used for body and nick with factory fitted violin.
  • Hardwood included pages, fingerboard, and chin rest.
  • Mongolian horsehair and Brazilian wood fitted a nice quality bow.
  • Good quality tailpiece and four fine tuners.
  • A lightweight case for the care of the violin.
  • The case included a waterproof canvas exterior and comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Lovely rosin cake and extra string set.
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


  • Specially made for the kind beginner violin.
  • Nice colourful outlook, which loves the minor player.
  • The whole complete package for ready to play.
  • A lightweight body makes sure comfortable to hold.
  • 8-inch size violin for the little hands to tunes.


  • Factory fitted violin not fitted by hand.
  • The bridge is not used to reliable quality and has the risk to brake on under pressure.

The lowest price is the best for the buyer like to go with this excellent feature. Many players love it because of its lovely shape and sound quality. Overall, the outstanding instrument comes at the lowest price, and if you can, select this feature for your little player.

Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin

Beginner not wants to works with an unfitted and back grade violin; the premium quality instrument aims to be a good player. Cremona SV-175 is a suitable complete violin for those who like to tune up with the upgrade version. The full-body is designed for the advanced beginner student player; the handcrafted body made with high-grade tonewood drives a vibrant and warm tone. The traditional look ultimately appears more attractive who desire to be an advanced player—the sales history of this violin excellent better than Cremona’s other models.

Feature of Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin

  • Violin size: available size as 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, and 4/4.
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds.
  • Maple wood is used for the back, sides, and ribs.
  • Good quality ebony fitted fingerboard, Swiss-style ebony pegs pages.
  • Nice fitted lightweight composite tailpiece with the body.
  • Handcrafted full body and high-grade materials fitted.
  • The traditional elegant look comes with warm brown varnish.
  • Antique violin set-up to MENC Standards at our Cremona’s workshop in California.
  • Durable quality bow fitted with Brazilian wood and Mongolian horsehair.
  • The hard quality case comes with a comfortable shoulder rest.
  • Rosin cake and extra string set also included.
  • Customer service also have on manufacture defect.


  • It is made not for beginner players but can use more advanced level players.
  • Outstanding violin, the players feel very satisfied to play.
  • Tradition varnish finished looking.
  • It comes with D’Addario strings.
  • A reliable quality violin that the player easily tune-up.


  • The price might be a little bit low.
  • The bridge may need modifications because it sometimes faces problems.

Who are not worried about the price and believes in the performance? It is a bit costly violin, but a perfect violin and durable body and user need to play. Cremona is an old violin manufacturing company; conversely, Cremona provides long-lasting performance and superior sound quality.

Paititi Artist-100 kids violin

Authentic quality beginner and the cheapest violin offer the Paititi Artist-100 model violin. The high tune and outstanding sound come with the high grade fitted body violin. The best choice to start with the beginning journey eventual trusted bid on the parent choice. The little learner feels very comfortable and, without the other, helps tune up continuously. Every part is crafted with the correct grade materials and suitable manufacture for the little hands. The teacher recommended the parent query about this model to desire the kid is learning an instrument.

Feature of Paititi Artist-100 violin

  • Violin size: 1/8 tiny player size violin.
  • Weight: 3 pounds.
  • Natural tonewood is used for the fitted body.
  • Maple wood is used for the back and sides.
  • Nice maple fingerboard, pages, and perfect chinrest.
  • Well fitted tailpiece and four fine tuners.
  • The excellent look comes with a brown colour satin varnish finish.
  • Rainproof hard fitted case with adjusted shoulder rest.
  • Case included with accessories pocket and matching blanket.
  • The nice bow comes with a double pearl eye.
  • Bow fitted by genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair and Brazilian wood.
  • They offered a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


  • The lowest price helps to buy who on a low budget.
  • It is the cheapest violin but can compare with a rich quality violin.
  • Excellent sound quality delivered.
  • Rainproof case and extra strings included.
  • The beginner can easily tune.


  • Well fitted violin but not for a durable quality.
  • Poor built grade violin.

The violin is a specially fitted and exact match for the beginner. There is nothing special with other beginner violin but the bright and warm sound quality, which is better than beginner violin. Paititi violin made their factory and buyer likes because of most probably lowest price and unbelievable sound quality.

Final though

A child cannot decide on the perfect instrument. Parents always choose an instrument, but they must investigate and follow the professional violinist’s suggestion before buying. The most exciting parts are sound quality, durable body, lightweight, good fitted bow, and comfortable hold in a violin. The learner is very confused with parents about what should take or not because of an exact match need for the beginning. Here reviewed the best kids’ violin that will help to get the actual game for your child.