Is cecilio a good brand? a complete Informative Discussion

When you are a beginner, many thought comes across in your mind. Which violins is the best for begging? But best violin indicates many things to ensure to best brand. We are ready to clear all your questions, but you must read the full article to clear your curiosity.

Today we are going to show you, is Cecilio a good brand? Okay, on the top paragraph, we said for beginner and, now let’s see how to improve Cecilio is a good brand for a beginner. In this 20 century, it was a competitive marketplace, where many companies have been given their best services with upgrade versions in every violin. Cecilio is also a competitor but one of the best.

Cecilio has been focusing on beginner choice and what will be more convenient better than other brands. Beginners always follow the suggestion of the teacher and trainer. And now, it is easy to research beginner violin via a digital platform. You can see there most of the positive reviews about different types of violin brands. You shall explore for Cecilio violin. It’s a company which started with ST. Cecilio in 19s, and they successfully capture the player demand. They have their factory in Rancho Cucamonga, California.  Cecilio manufacture not only the analog violin but also have many famous electric and autistic violin.

cecilio violin

Cecilio beginner violins:

the beginning player can trust for excellent beginning learning stage. Cecilio cvn 200, cecilio cvn 300, and cecilio cvn 500 are most famous models among cecilio violin. All of those have small to full size (1/16-4/4), very comfortable to easy and, most suitable for a beginner. And all models are updated versions of previous models. Cecilio cvn 200 came with all features for beginners, where Cecilio cvn 300 is an upgraded version of the previous model, ensuring better sound quality and resonance. cvn 500 is more than a better feature given, ensure ease to use and reliability. So, you shall consider your choice with Cecilio. If we look at the intermediate student and professional players, they believe in their own choice as a trusted and accurate performance.

Violin cost:

for the beginner, the cost is a practical issue because most beginners don’t want to waste a high cost. So, we are thankful to Cecilio for the lowest price. They started their violin from $99.99. I think it is not much a high cost for the violin. On the other hand, other brands more than cheap but the quality is not good like Cecilio.


we already know that it is an old and famous brand, so they always mind giving high-grade fitting bodies. Every part is built with premium-grade materials. All portions made with different features like spruce wood for the top, ebony fingerboard, maple back and side, boxwood body and the rosewood violin bow, etc. basically, there had used different wood for a proper tune. Fine tuner key and string chose very carefully toward warning sound. High-quality shoulder rest for comfortable to use. Excellent outlook motive to play with a lovely instrument, so they used different types of varnish on various models.

violin bow

A Violin bow is a significant part of creating a lovely tune and durable performance. Brazilian wood and Mongolian horsehair are the main ingredients of the violin.  Very professionally select that ingredient for the perfect shape and performance. So, we very supportive of Cecilio for a new buyer.

violin case

And last essential part of the violin package is the case. Case always need for violin protection and transport to one to another place. The point is made with rigid materials, essential wood, sustainable metal or carbon fiber, and often plastic materials, synthetic materials. They offered many types of cases for different models to choose your violin with a lightweight case.

Let's check cecilio violin sound quality

Few important FAQ

Is Cecilio's electric violin most famous among other brands?

We think yes because Cecilio is famous for violin and electric violins are very demandable who love to buy the electric violin. Electric violin is also called a silent violin. It is very suitable to practice connecting with headphones. It reduces sound pollution when the beginner player tunes their rude tune that cracked tune only hears the player because of headphones. Electric violin drive high, and the original tune are better than the regular violin.

Where to buy Cecilio's violin?

Cecilio violin started their brand with a store located in California, and, for the first time, they handcrafted violin bodies. But now, Cecilio violin is a world-famous brand. They have their factory in china. After manufacture, they sent their violin for sale. Now, they have successfully sold their violin in online store amazon, their website, physical store, which expanded around the word. But you must follow your teacher’s suggestion.

Where to building Cecilio's violin?

When ST. Cecilia started their manufacture with their store that times, Cecilia successfully grown up his business and Cecilia manufacture their little store in California. And now, they had been manufacturing their own in China. So china is present building factory.