Why Cecilio Cvn 500 violin is the best for beginners? exclusive discussion(2021)

cecilio cvn 500 violin

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If you are a violinist or violin enthusiast, Cecilio violins are a source of love for you. Cecilio, a popular brand, comes with high-quality melodic instruments handcrafted and approved by the best instructor. The instruments are made with demanding quality standards for beginner musicians. Cecilio is committed to providing the best quality for you. It handcrafted by skilled luthiers, they offer stander quality at affordable rates.

Thinking about beginner instrumentalists, Cecilio comes with a premium quality violin Cecilio Cvn-500. From beginner to experienced performers, all fall in love with the handcrafted violin. It is packed with a special outfit to ensure maximum performance. The violin is handcrafted with sturdy materials that make it reliable and long-lasting. It offers a mellow tone that can make your mind jolly in pinkies. It allows you to play your playful tone with incredible flexibility.

There is more to know about the amazing violin. So, we have researched a lot and gone through Cecilio cvn500 reviews to give you a complete guide. You will get detailed information and specifications of this violin here. Plus, you are going to know why this violin is suitable for beginners. Keep reading this article for more information.

cecilio cvn 500

A Summary Of cecilio cvn 500 violin reviews

Are you an entry-level violinist looking for a reliable and effective violin?, Cecilio cvn-500 violin is the greatest choice for you. It is designed with everything that a beginner or competent instrumentalist would expect and, they offers ease of play along with longevity for students. The feature comes with a fine tone and simplicity that can deliver both open and sweet sounds. Learners get confidence with the fabulous and fascinating experience of the violin.

The violin is handcrafted with skilled artisans with premium quality materials. The top part is designed with solid spruce, whereas the bottom and sides of the violin are handcrafted with flamed maple woods. The satin antique finish makes that more elegant with inlaid purfling. The bow is made from high-quality 2x VNB-30B Brazilwood bow and Mongolian horsehair, The bow is the best choice for Cecilio violin cvn 500.

It comes with D’Addario Prelude Strings; the violin offers excellent melodic tunes and Cecilio’s chromatic tuner with a metronome. The features include an ebony fingerboard pegs chinrest, tailpiece, four nickel-plated superb tuners, ebony wood pages, adjustable shoulder rest with foam padding, rubber feet, lesson book, quality rosin cake, and so on. You are also going to get a year of manufacturing warranty for any flaw. Whether you are a learner or a proficient violinist, you can surely go for this violin.

Features & Specifications Of Cecilio Cvn-500:

  1. The violin weighs 5 pounds
  2. The measurements of the violin: 32” x 12” x 5”
  3. Includes a beautiful satin antique varnish.
  4. The top part of the violin is handcrafted with solid and sturdy spruce
  5. It comes with hand-inlaid purfling
  6. The lowermost and sides of the violin are made with flamed aged maple wood.
  7. Offers D’Addario Prelude 4-string violin.
  8. Features 4 nickel-plated superb tuners combined at the tailpiece.
  9. Maple neck back and sides.
  10. Uses Ebony fittings that comprise pegs, maple wood fingerboard, chin rest, and tailpiece
  11. Extra features: a portable hardshell case, genuine unbleached horsehair, 2 Brazilwood bows, flexible shoulder belts with foam padding, rubber feet, lesson book, quality rosin cake, and more.
  12. Provides 1- year warranty against manufacturer’s flaws.


  • Made with premium quality materials
  • Beautiful tone quality with cecilio strings.
  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced players
  • Offers great flexibility with a high-quality tailpiece with nickel plated.
  • It comes with a portable hard shell case making it convenient for carrying
  • Durable and sturdy bow.
  • beautiful varnish finish.
  • Perfect outfit: bridge straight and centered correctly, nice string height, and comfortable tuning pegs.


  • Need some initial tuning work
  • for better performance, should upgrade some accessories
  • Less resonance
  • The tiny tone is not suitable for junior orchestras or ensembles.

Comparison Of Cecilio Cvn 500 vs Cecilio Cvn 300 Violin

Cecilio cvn-300 violin is the previous model of Cecilio cvn 500. Cecilio cvn-300 is an elegantly designed violin made of premium materials, including solid maple wood, Aged spruce, and brazilwood. It offers a whole violin package of accessories, including bows, case, adjustable shoulder rest, cake rosin, two spare bridges, one tuner, high quality violin strings, and more.

Although the violin won’t be upgraded to a newer model, it offers 3-4 years of manufacturing warranty. Made out of sturdy materials, it is durable enough to have a lot of fun. But the sound quality is not so deep and rich, somewhat medium quality. If you are looking for a good budget violin, Cecilio cvn-300 won’t hurt your wallet.

Cecilio cvn-500 is the upgraded version of 300 packed with much more features. It is the entry-level violin to start. Not only beginners, cvn 500 is the top choice for trained violinists also. Violinists can play their style with the decent quality violin.

The violin becomes much more enjoyable with high-quality brazil wood bow. It offers enormous flexibility with four nickel-plated nice tuners and a alloy tailpiece. The sound quality is richer and deeper. There is a lightweight hard shell case to provide ease of transportation. The quality rosin and extra bridge make the violin a top choice.

So, cecilio cvn-300 vs cvn-500 different violins, but comes from the same brand, Cecilio. Cecilio cvn 300 is the oldest version, whereas Cecilio cvn500 is the upgraded version.

Why And How Cecilio Cvn 500 Violins A Unique Product?

Cecilio is the top brand that comes with a unique violin named Cecilio violin cvn 500. This orchestra violin is perfect for all levels of performers like beginners, intermediates, and advanced violinists. Skilled artisans elegantly handcraft it with top-quality materials. The product weighs only 5 pounds, and the dimensions are 32″ x 12″ x 5″. The top portion of the violin is made out of sturdy spruce, whereas the sides and bottom are crafted with flamed maple woods.

There is a satin antique finish along with inlaid purfling. ELEGANT DESIGN by D’Addario Prelude strings, it offers comfortable performance.  It includes a complete package of additional accessories, including ebony fingerboard, hardwood chinrest, ebony tuning pegs, tailpiece, four detachable nickel-plated fine tuners, a lesson book, a portable hardshell for effortless transportation, two brazilwood bows, genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair, flexible shoulder rest with soft foam padding rubber feet, a violin bridge, quality rosin cake, Cecilio chromatic tuner with metronome, and so on.

The previous models of Cecilio don’t offer these extra packages. These extra features make the violin a unique product. It has a perfect outfit that includes a bridge straight and centered correctly, nice string height, and comfortable tuning pegs. The deeper sound quality makes the audiences fall in love with it. The fingerboard is closer to strings; thus, you can effortlessly play on it.

In terms of performance, the handcrafted violin won’t disappoint, I guarantee. It maintains the perfect balance of performance and durability. It is easy to play and use. So, there’s no chance for any accidental environment for the beginners. You are gonna get this amazing violin at a price range of $80-$100. It’s not so pricey. Plus, it offers one year of warranty for any manufacturer’s defects. Overall, you can say Cecilio Cvn-500 is a unique product without thinking.

cecilio cvn500 violin

Why Cecilio Cvn 500 Best violin For Beginners?

Before choosing a violin for a beginner, finding the most top-quality or costly product is not important. The main concern should be ease of playing. A beginner is prone to accidents during learning. Look for a package that ensures comfort for beginners. In that case, Cecilio violin cvn 500 is the best option for learners. Cecilio, a well-known brand, comes with decent quality violins perfect for all levels of advanced violinist. This cherished company manufactures outstanding violins with great craftsmanship.

The handcrafted violins are affectionate with high-quality bows. These are made with premium materials for antique cecilio cvn-500 solidwood ebony fitted violin. The violins come with a package of extra features, including a lightweight hardshell case, high-quality bows, unbleached hairs, four nickel-plated superb tuners, ebony pegs, chin rest, durable shoulder straps with foam padding, rubber feet, lesson book, quality rosin cake, and more. All the features make the violin a great choice for beginners. They can get a comfortable feel and get confident when playing through the quality violin.

cecilio cvn 500

Is Cecilio a good brand?

Deciding on a good violin is a costly investment. Being untrained in this field, we look similar in all violins. But the fact is there are varieties in violin size, materials, quality, and performance. I recommend going for a quality product even if it becomes expensive. Before making a purchase, you should consider a variety of features, including brand, durability, sound quality, performance, cost, and so on.

The brand always matters a lot. Branded products won’t hurt you. There are various available brands of violins for beginners, intermediate or experienced violinists. You should pay for something that is made for you. You may have heard about Cecilio’s violins. Cecilio, a highly recommended brand, comes to the market with a great number of quality products. Beginners can start with the violin without any doubt.

Cecilio offers handcrafted violins packed with a ton of great features. It is the trustworthy brand that continues to manufacture budget-friendly violins for the deal. Cecilio’s violins are designed with the best-quality bows making them perfect for all levels of performers. The violins make good value for money. They offer extra features to let you ease play and performance. The amazing violins are gonna make you feel like you are a pro in performing.

Let's see cecilio cvn 500 violin unboxing

How do you know if your violin is worth money?

To know if your violin makes the value of money, the useful way is to have an authorized analysis via a precise service. But this way is somewhat weary. There is one other way for you. You better know some basic things to judge whether your violin is good or not. There are some factors to consider:

Flame of the wood:

Observing the flame of the wood is a good indicator to gauge the quality of your violin. You will notice tiger-like lines and color variations on a high-quality violin. Whereas low-quality products are uniform in color, and there are no variations.


Quality products are crafted by competent craftsmanship. Good violins are beautifully sealed and don’t show any visible glue or rough rims. The scrolls are elegantly crafted. The purfling becomes inlaid on a quality violin.


You must notify the violin company logo or the name of a luthier in a high-quality violin. So have a look at the label to know if your violin is worth money.

Sound quality and ease of playing:

Best-quality violins offer a rich and deep sound, whereas the low-quality may sound thin and nasal. You should consider quality, not quantity. Higher quality violins provide ease of playing with closer strings attached to the fingerboard.

cecilio cvn 500


Checking the materials is one of the most important indicators to gauge the quality of your instrument. Good violins are made from quality materials of cecilio antique ebony violin cvn-500 that include fingerboard, Pegs Chinrest, tailpiece, and more. On the other hand, lower-quality violins come with plastic pieces making them cheaper.

A quality violin offers one top E-string for finer tunes and uses tuning pegs. Low-quality violins have four tuners that weigh down the Violin Outfit and lower the sounds.

Red flags in quality:

Any visible flaw in the violin indicates the poor condition of the product. Check out the fingerboard whether it is jagged, cracked, or wrapped. If you notice any defect, be sure it is a poor quality product. Look closer to the bridge, whether it is cracked or not. So, before purchasing, have a closer look at the product.

cecilio cvn 500

Few important FAQ

Are Cecilio violins good?

Many violin brands have a top rating by teachers, players, and violinists. Cecilio acquired one of the top-rated for every level player violin, and they have been working for upgrade and demandable violin since the 19s. It is a competitive marketplace, and all top brands had built with attractive violin features, and Cecilio is also competitive for lunch their best violin better than other brands. They have been manufacturing all kinds of  beginner to professional violin and different types size of violin . If you pull with other brands, Cecilio will take the best violin position. They considered the reasonable price, comfortable to play, violin body quality, lightweight case, sustainable bow, all Size Violin, etc. Cecilio’s very professionally handcrafted violin with solid spruce wood top, ebony pages, fingerboard, set up the strings with a fine tuner. Every Cecilio Violin Instrument has a lovely handmade violin bow. So Cecilio violins good better than other brands.

Is Mendini by Cecilio a good brand?

ST. Cecilia and they first started the company with perfect handcrafted and sold their store in California. Now it expands as a famous brand around the world. They have violins, electric violins, acquisition violins which very famous and competitive in the market place. Each facility option is essential, like price, violin quality, other accessories, etc. And Cecilio considered buyer choice and ensured it.

How to Choose the Best Violin for Intermediate Students?

Every musical instrument started from beginner models. So, when a beginner instrument completes a player, they can choose an intermediate players instrument. Violin also has the same rules being an expert violinist. As a beginner, the Cecilio cvn500 violin is the best for you. But if you completed your beginner stage, you must choose intermediate student violin. It is the advanced student better than beginner violin. So Cecilio cvn 300 violin is the complete perfect package. However, the intermediate violin is not like beginner violin so, if you are sure to invest your expert violin, you must invest for advanced playing experience. 

Is The Celilio CVN-500 A Better Violin?

It is very curious to know, what is the best violin for beginner players? Very hard to compare or vote for the best instrument. But we see the beginner choice and comfortable to play. Today, Cecilio cvn-500 violin is very demandable; it ensures high-quality manufacture by top-quality material. Better performance and cheap violin prices are convenient for the beginner. So this super performer Violin is the best decision to choose as a beginner violin.

What to Look for in the Cecilio Violins?

Each violin brands have their specialty. Cecilio is the best violin for their unique specialty. And, they are very professionally manufacturing and most achievement for award winner violin company. Experts are very intelligent to suggest and vote for the best violin brand. Because they have high experience in this field, why they Cecilio recommend for the player?
Cecilio violin is a high-grade quality violin and beginner, intermediate, professional, electric violins manufactured by considered player satisfaction. Best quality wood, materials, Mongolian horsehair, essential glossy varnish, hard shield, etc are confirmed the best deal with every single violin model. So, this is the best violin company according to our investigation.


If you are looking for the best-budget high-quality violin outfits to have more fun, look no further reading this article. Hopefully, you will get your solution. This article is about Cecilio cvn-500 with its detailed information and specifications.

We go through a lot of Cecilio cvn 500 reviews and make a complete guide for you. Have more fun with the quality violin.