cecilio 4/4 cevn-2bk electric violin reviewed- complete guide (2021)

Violin may be a very famous instrument during this nowadays. Incredible warm tune and traditional instrument love the player and listener. Cecilio violin elected their based idea to try to make best quality electric violin and manufacture included

Violin may be a very famous instrument during this nowadays. Incredible warm tune and traditional instrument love the player and listener. Cecilio elected their based idea to make the best quality electric violin and manufacture the best cecilio electric violin. Cecilio, an old own factory-fitted violin brand and began the journey with St Cecilia. Successfully achieved love with their highest quality different types of the Violin.

The electric Violin a contemporary fusion and digital platform of violin player and also a silent violin. The player mostly likes to play for silent and modern fitted Violin. The beginner is extremely comfortable practising with the plug-in headphone. Cecilio cevn 2bk electric Violin the maximum amount as given value as a contemporary violin. Perhaps, beginner faced hard and awkward by the tough raw sound, but it helps concentrate only on the player and takes the proper tune. Cecilio cevn 2bk recommends the teacher for the player how loves to practice with a silent feature.

Let’s see the feature of Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK silent violin

The feature provides the most effective quality for violin practice, match the precise tune and stage performance. The various level player likes to enjoy with a silent feature.
For the player, earphone gives the different level of enjoying the experience. The high-quality sound is much suitable for stage performance and an affordable price, not heavy value for a nice violin.

For the player, earphone gives the different level of enjoying the experience. The high-quality sound is much suitable for stage performance and an affordable price, not heavy value for a nice violin.

The body feature

Solid maple wood hard fitted durable body and a spruce top. The metallic black varnish is used for a pleasant outlook body. They designed premium quality ebony fingerboard, and pages help for very long time performance. Comfortable chinrest assistance loves to tune-up, and the nylon tailpiece included the electrical body. 9V Alkaline battery makes sure a durable, silent period of play.

sound feature

Most players grab for the silent feature. Silently practice with a headphone and gradually grow up the correct tune for a private hearing—stage performer choice by the high sound quality. Good multiplication D’Addario strings and detachable nickel plated fine tuners applied into the body for discerning sound quality.

Bow feature

Not a different fitted bow because of the same quality bow for the electric feature. Brazilian wood is especially considered for the higher sound. Horsehair is the most vital part of an honest performer’s bow, so an unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair adjustable fitted with a bow.

Case feature

Hard and low weight case for remain safe of the violin body and bow. a lightweight case important for transport to a simple and lightweight case also has a package. The case included an extra pocket for other materials. Have a nice easy-grip handle to carry the case, sort of a briefcase, and a backpack shoulder strap.

Other features

A decent quality rosin cake for perfect tuning. Good quality bridge rise and enhance good sound and better tune. Have a high-quality aux cable for stage performance and a headphone for personal silent performance.

cecilio cevn 2bk electric violin

Why this is often one of the best electric violin among Cecilio electric violin

An electric instrument could be a different artificial choice for taking part in and creating a brand new digital instrument. Cecilio has released differing kinds of violins in time. Just enter with very closes changes with, needless to say, benefits. However, Specially in terms of peace, the silent feature. Otherwise, a stimulating outlook and a new playing experience.

It upgrades the version of Cecilio cevn 1bk violin. The Cecilio electric 1 version specializes in an intermediate and professional violinist. It focuses not only on intermediate student and professional violinist but also on unravelling the matter that felt previous version and beginner likes to play by the silent practising. Even a stage performer very comfortable with the great sound and best electric fusion.

Another latest and classy model is Cecilio cevn 4bk electric violin. A player like this for a nice look and smooth play, but most players dislike bad sound quality and the output jacks, which only function intermittently. On the opposite hand, a nice and warm sound quality delivered Cecilio cevn-2bk electric violin.

Pros and Cons:

A major point bear for a far better instrument, most probably by all better service and high-grade performance, but sometimes a good instrument also includes a bad allusion.

This is the heading

  • A digital electric violin makes a level up performance.
  • Headphone system violin for silent performance.
  • Better line jack for aux cable to raised output sound.
  • 1-year official warranty for manufacture defect.
  • Delivered right and warm sound.
  • Very nice and cool design shape violin.
  • A reasonable price confirms this electric instrument.

This is the heading

  • The few players face problems with finger size and will improve exact finger size durable performance.
  • Few customers report for heave weight and also need to improve for weight.
  • The bow must improve for sustainable performance.

would you love to see a video? Have a check a video

Compare with Yamaha YEV 105

Yamaha may be a famous and trendy electric violin at this point. Yamaha yev 105 a well-liked model among the YAMAHA electric violin. The feature very premium suitable materials used for A level playing experience but not at a reasonable price. Fully made with six types of different woods and carefully designed. Let’s have checked out the comparison between them.

YAMAHA YEV105 electric violin


Premium design by top quality fitted Yamaha YEV105 violin for better performance. Our feature, specially selected wood and nice out shape hard fitted electric Violin. An exact fitted neck and shoulder have durable performance, but players faced neck and shoulder problems after a period of play. This instrument very carefully designed for durable performance, and also, the player never feels problems playing by neck and shoulder rest.


Yamaha YEV105 violin player praise for lightweight body. On the other hand, this one has a heavyweight that players feel exhausted from playing long-time performance.


Reasonable price an essential fact for a buyer. Most of the time buyer wants to shop for the most affordable instrument with a high-quality instrument. Yamaha YEV105 violin is a high price for the customer, but this Violin makes sure the buyer’s lowest price.


Yamaha YEV105 violin an excellent silent sound accelerated by headphones and suitable for professional stage performance. As the cheapest cheap violin Cecilio cevn2 electric violin, an excellent silent performance gradually raises the correct tune, and professional players enjoy playing on-stage performance with warm high-tune sound.


Yamaha YEV105 violin fairly an excellent electric violin. Advanced and rich manufacture for live and silent performance instrument but not the cheap on price. Cecilio’s this instrument a prime quality and premium fitted electric Violin. Trusted qualified instrument delivered high tune as much good for stage performance and silent feature best electric violin. Very lowest price offer additionally because of the best value for buyers.

Amazon customer report let’s see on by rating

Beautiful little Violin. The stock strings were garbage, but that is to be expected for stock strings. Headphones are pretty useless, but I use mine with my Line6 amp anyway or practice quietly. The input and controls are a bit awkward to use because of their location, and a larger output port would have been nice. The case seems to be of nice quality. Once you have some decent strings on this Violin, you’re all set to explore the sounds of electric ;). Shipping was also much faster than expected. I’d recommend this Violin as an excellent low-cost electric violin, perfect for jamming out with effects or quiet practice unplugged if you have paper-thin walls between rooms.  

Wow! $129 for an electric violin that works! It sounds pretty good through an amp. After watching this video on YouTube […], I was sold, and the Violin didn’t disappoint. I’m just learning to play the Violin, and this is perfect for practising in my apartment without annoying my neighbours (although you can still hear without the amp, enough to be annoying possibly). On mine, the stereo output doesn’t work very well. It cuts out periodically, and it’s not stereo (just one channel). However, I’m still over the moon about it! 


Final words

Everything had successfully adjusted with electric fusion. Beginners are not worried about the tough and loud bad-tun by this electric Violin, and intermediate students enjoy plug-in for better classification performance. A stage performer value it for better strings delivered a dynamic and high sound performance.