Top 5 best Violin Bows Reviews: A complete Guide(2021)

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If you are a music geek, you are facing trouble in choosing the perfect Violin Bow. It is a completely confusing task to find the right one from so many options in the stores. Today we will discuss various bow brands and their usability to make your ideas clear to pick the right one. With a good bow, you can play the violin more smoothly, and it will become a natural part of your life.

We are working in the Violin industry for the last nine years and have the proper knowledge to share with you. Today, we will give you ideas on various additional parts, the best five violins bows, and some other stand-alone violins. You can choose your needed piece of the bow to play with.

violin bow

Some necessary attachments you should know about violin bow

Violin bow frog

That is an essential part of a violin bow that used to frock with a funny name, which helps the bow shape it. It keeps the bow in the right shape and proper usability. While playing, you will be admiring this piece, as it makes the bow working fine and making melodious music. Without this, you cannot perform well with a bot. That is also called the “nut” and “heel” of the bow.

Violin bow grip

The part of the bow we hold to play the bow is called the bow grip. It has made with wood and other materials that give a proper hold on the full bow. If you do not provide the appropriate pressure on the bow, these will not give good music. We have to use the sounding point to get proper pitches and use the bow to keep pace with the speed. To obtain adequate sound, we need to hold the bow properly, tilt it towards you, and then slide and scroll. With the proper balancing, you will be able to make great music with it.

violin bow hair

You will be amazed to know that it had made from horsehair! It requires from 160 to 180 individual hairs to make a violin bow. But how are they formed? They are set one after another to make a ribbon. It is generally made with straight and similar types of hairs. But, one thing you should keep in mind, you cannot use kinky and thick hairs in the bow. These hairs help to make excellent music with the violin.

Violin bow strings

These bowstrings are made of combined horse hairs and a wooden part to give support. It needs wood for the bow itself, and these small parts work as a joining feature. The strings connect the bow wood and the horsehair to perform well and produce excellent music. Highly trained professionals make these, so in some cases, the makers use other materials like synthetic to make bowstrings. when the bowstring is loose, then the bow may not perform well, requiring proper care and integration while making.

Violin bow wood

Violin bow requires good quality woods that are strong and sustainable. For the best performance, they started using only the Pernambuco bow sticks for violins. It tested many types of woods, and from the 18th century, which found it to be the best match. The wood type is very dense and heavy that makes it long-lasting. Only for the hardy status is this the perfect fit. Unfortunately, this wood is only available in Brazil.

Five Best Violin bow for you

Have you checked the stores near you? Or surfed online to check for the best bows? There’s a little bit confusing and a big hassle to find the proper ones. So we have made the task easy for all and,  picked the market-best 05 models for you that you can judge and choose from. So come on; we show you around about these bows reviews.

CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber bow

CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

In the violin world of an antique  violin bow, CodaBow is a reliable name. You can rely on their products, closing your eyes only for the quality and the excellent making technique. It came with a graphite Diamond weave finish and blended acoustic core decorated with Brown Tint. Frogs had designed by famous maker Walter Paulus, who uses sterling silver winding and white mother-of-pearl slide, making it an excellent musical piece.

It has manufactured with Nickel and silver fitting with Moroccan leather grip, the tip plates are metal alloy and decorated with silver medal horse white hair. The Quality Bow is traditionally hand-cut from wood wedges and plugs. The whole process of making had done in the USA.

This bow comes with five years of warranty and available from trusted dealers. You will love this product from your heart, for its excellent make and the musical results. So, each player likes to use the bow while playing violin and make melodious music. it is one of the best violin bows available around you.


  • Well responsive.
  • Blended Acoustic Core.
  • Graphite Diamond Weave Finish.
  • Moroccan Leather Grip.
  • Nickel and Silver fittings.
  • Affordable Price.


  • This violin bow price is expensive compared to other products.

Violin Bow Stunning Fiddle Bow Carbon Fiber

Violin Bow Stunning Fiddle Bow Carbon Fiber

When you are up to getting a Violin Bow, you may get satisfied with this one. It is crafted with advanced molding techniques and with carbon fiber. Due to advanced and modern material use, the results from this bow are fantastic. You will fall in love while using this one, due to its make and decoration.

Your interaction with this bow had transferred with the string vibration, including techniques and personal expression. With your skill, you can bring good music with it quickly. It is also lucrative, eye-catching, and resistant to temperature and humidity. So, you do not need to adjust or assemble anything before playing it.

The balance and the response from this bow are superb; any one can manage it with no hassle. You will find it different from other bows, and So, You will love the way the string vibrates. Any one can try this and fall in love with this bow than any other wooden bow.


  • Advanced molding techniques
  • Carbon Fibre body
  • Controlled String Vibration
  • Eye-catching decoration
  • Quick response


  • It may come with problematic response and frogs

D Z Strad Model 524 Full Size 4/4 Top BrazilWood Violin Bow

D Z Strad Model 524 Full Size

Amongst many brands in stores, D Z Strad is a stand-alone product with awesome feedback. You will like it and will recommend it after testing it. It came with a unique design and improved playing music function. The workmanship and labor behind making it make it a little bit more expensive than other bows.

But the question may arise why are these bows expensive? The main reason is that they are handmade and crafted well. It is also decorated and equipped with unbleached, genuine white, Mongolian Grade AAA horsehair, those are quite uncommon in bows. This bow is also equipped with better handling and balancing features.

Another amazing thing from D Z Strad is the premium Fleur de Lis frog made from Polished Ox Horn! This is amazing in the industry. The decoration and the quality are different from the market available other bows; you will feel this premium bow out of the world experience. This is one of the best bows in the stores around you.


  • Improved Music.
  • Handmade product.
  • Mongolian Horse Hair.
  • Frog made from Polished Ox horn.
  • Better handling.


  • High price in comparison to other available products.

fiddlerman carbon fiber violin bow 4/4

fiddlerman carbon fiber violin bow 4/4

When you are after a carbon fiberglass bow , Viotti brings the best product for you. You can easily balance and use it for better results in music-making. This is a premium quality carbon bow that will give you the best instrumental output at the best price. You will be passionate about it while using it with your violin. These bows are carefully crafted for you and come with loving handcrafted from the maker.

Award-winning best violin bow makers make these products. Finest materials like white Mongolian horsehair, pearl and Nickel trim, ebony wood frogs, and excellent quality carbon have been used in this product. Another amazing thing about this bow is the packaging; it comes in a hard case as it is not affected by handling. You will get it without any trouble.

The best quality of Viotti can offer violin lovers, from the make to packaging and after-sales service; you will find professionalism in their service. It has money returned policy if there is a defective bow delivered and, it offers a two-year warranty, too. So, you may still think, which one you should take, but it will meet all requirements. Not every product comes with a warranty and better quality.


  • Hand made.
  • Premium Carbon Made.
  • Amazing features.
  • Pearl and Nickel trim.
  • 2- year warranty.


  • Bow hairs may become broken without proper care.

MIVI Classic Brazilwood Violin Bow

MIVI Classic Brazilwood Violin Bow

If you are after an affordable violin bow then, you can undoubtedly rely on this brand. These bows are hand-carved, then attached Mongolian horse hairs and then tested the music. After production is tested, beautiful music by the makers, only this is sent to market for you. Each bow stick is handcrafted for the violin players.

In a few cases, makers use old methods like making bows with Brazilwood, handcraft them to match your choice and demand. The bows are individually tested; in a budget value, these bows are excellent for violin playing. Another excellent thing is that these bows match all kinds and models of violins. You can use it as a beginner player or a professional musician.

Each Advanced Musicians expects his instruments; from that view, this bow can fulfill all users’ demands. There is a 90 days free return policy, where if you do not like the product, you can return it. But from the budget range, you will love the product and for sure will recommend it to others.


  • Hand Crafted.
  • Tested products.
  • Mongolian horse hairs.
  • Brazil Wood bow.
  • Deliver smoother sound.
  • 90-day return policy.


  • Without proper care, you may find broken hair in case.

There are different types of violin bows; some are suitable for beginner violinists, some are for advanced players. We will now discuss the features and benefits of the bows below to give you more detailed ideas.

Tips for the New Violin Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced Students

Tips for the New Violin Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced Students:
The violin is altogether |one amongst one the foremost widespread and in-demand instruments all over the planet. If you would like to play the violin, then you want to be known about violin strings.

The one searching to find out the violin is vital to know that it’s one of the most tricky and challenging work. Still, if you’ve got a strong passion for finding (out), you’ll learn it quickly, even like professional players, because motivational sources play a vital role in all kinds of learning. Most people take advice and tips to professional trainers about the violin. Still, the following pointers can’t be helpful until you don’t have enough potential and devotion to learning associated with violin. Now there are some tips for the beginner of violin strings learning, and the following pointers will be beneficial for them if they follow them collectively.

Few tips for players

1. when you need to find out the violin, you ought to be consistent and need to pay your total concentration in your learning. Usually, beginners hand over within the initial step of education. One of the fundamental reasons is that violin parts are challenging to know, and other people get troubled once they start it in first.

2. within the second step, beginners need to realize all the parts of the violin, and their functions like stroll are the upper part and covered with decoration piece—F-holes within the middle of the violin. Further, there are bridges, strings, and fingerboards. All elements are essential, and therefore, the beginner should have thought about these parts also as their functioning.

3. The beginner has got to realize the tunes of the strings. Its four themes of the violin strings are named G, D Free web page, A, and E. The G note is the thickest while the D note is more minor, and A is the thinner string while E is the standard note and fewer lighter than the A.

Best violin bows for advanced students

ADM 3 4 Size Student Violin Bow

ADM 3/4 Size Student Violin Bow

Not all the bows are suitable for advanced users, so we have picked the right one here. ADM is the right choice for the advanced and experienced users where you will get a half-line ebony frog with inlaid pearl Eye and pearl slide from the bow. The make and the quality are excellent. You will fall in love with it. The stick is made of Brazilwood; it also has nickel silver winding, mounted, synthetic leather grip to last it longer.

You will love the unbleached white Mongolian horsehair and quality fittings. You will enjoy the lovely sound made by it, and it is better balanced and more swift to use. This awesome piece of the bow is the right choice for the regular use of advanced users. If you are one, then you can pick it undoubtedly.

Best violin bows for professionals

VINGOBOW Brand new Carbon

VINGOBOW Brand new best Carbon Fiber VIOLIN BOW

Are you looking for a bow as a professional? Yes, they need one to perform well in the programs. What does it have that makes it a perfect match for a professional violin player. It is made with superior quality and properly tuned according to your professional music playing. These bows are handmade to give proper care to the tuning and nice music-making feature.

These bows are safely delivered in hard boxes as they do not get damaged. And yes, it is made with the finest materials available all over the earth. The weight is even more balanced to play with it longer. Also, this fine bow is backed with quality assurance; can you imagine it? Yes, it is true. As a professional violin player, you will expect to have this one for you.

Best violin bow for beginners

Crescent 4/4 Full Size Well Balanced Round Brazilwood Mongolian Horsehair Violin Bow

Crescent 4/4 Full Size Well Balanced Round Brazilwood Mongolian Horsehair Violin Bow

As a beginner, you need such a bow for violin that will help you learn, here we are introducing a beginner pack that will help you a lot. You can give a lot of time to learning and use this bow to make flawless music to play for you. It is handcrafted with sandalwoods that give a smooth sound while practicing.

This kit comes with smooth assembling and adjustment. Here you will find all accessories with this bow, and you can utilize them with good efforts. Overall you will enjoy the product, and it will make you self-confident enough to give your stand among all.

best violin bow for intermediate player

Viotti Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Viotti Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

This superb bow is a perfect piece for intermediate violin players. It gives a perfect type of rich sound made from handcrafted materials, Mongolian Genuine Horsehair and other premium materials. The Bow Sound is so smooth that you will forget the environment and situation surrounding you. The bow is made from carbon fiber which is the perfect material for professional bows.

This bow is a perfect piece of material to suit all kinds of violins. From beginners to professionals, all can use this bow. It is made with so much care that the quality is maintained with the necessary devotion to love this piece. This is also backed with a two years warranty as you can rely on the quality.

Best cheap violin bow

Glasser X-Series Carbon Graphite X-Bow with Horsehair (4/4 Violin)

Glasser X-Series Carbon Graphite X-Bow with Horsehair (4 4 violin bow)

You will find this cheap budget bow for your violin in the nearest store. When you need a cheap bow, you can try this out, and you will be amazed at the quality. It has an ebony frog and inlaid pearl eyes with pearl slides. In this budget, it comes with a brazilwood structure.

You will find this bow that is awesome for yourself and recommend others for use. So, you do not need to take any hassle about the quality at all. This is the best cheap violin bow that you can use to close your eyes.

Some Important FAQ:

How to hold a violin bow?

Generally, when you hold the bow, it will place your thumb between the grip and frog and three fingers on the opposite side of the grip, and the smallest finger will touch the end of the bow. This is the standard holding method of a bow. Any other violin player can hold it as he likes most, but the traditional one is to hold the bow with thumb between grip and frog. 

How to rehair a violin bow?

Rehairing a violin bow requires previous practice and experience. You have to inspect the stick first, then measure the hairs according to the size of the stick. Leave 4 inches on each side to attach. Attach the best violin bow hair with the frog and the other end. Then clean the metal part of the frog and the button, then clean the winding. Fix the thumb grip with glue if it is loose. Then remove the tip block and clean the stick again. Overall, the frog adjustment and hair setup are important in the violin bow rehairing process.

How to rosin a violin bow?

First, move the screw of the bow clockwise 2 to 3 times to tight the hairs. Then use rosin on the hairs. You can do it in two ways; you can rosin a small part and rosin from one place to another end. In that, do not rub the hairs roughly with rosin; it will hamper the hairs. While using rosin, move it from one side to another. Using rosin keeps the hairs usable for days, and you can use the bow for years.

How to clean a violin bow?

At first, you have to identify which part of the bow requires cleaning. If the hairs are not clean, you can take a paper towel and then clean it decently. After a few tries, the hair will be clean. On the other hand, if the bow is dirty, you can clean the wood portion with wood cleaners. Similarly, you can clean the frog and carbon body with a paper towel and a cleaning solution.

How to tighten a violin bow?

Before tightening, you have to loosen the hairs to get better results from the bow. Then you start to twist the screw beside the frog, and the hairs will start to tighten gradually. Finally, you will see that the hairs are straight, and the bow stick is a little bit bent, which means the bow is tightened properly. Here the screw beside the frog plays the main role to maintain the tightening process.

how tight should a violin bow be?

When you are a violin player, most of the critical question arises in your mind how tight should violin bow be? For the perfect sound quality, need the best tighten violin bow. We are always going with the violin best quality Mongolian horsehair for the bow. So, when I re-hair the violin bow, I always look at the tighten’s perfect tighten. See at the camber for the perfect tie and check the tighten. A pen used to check, between the hairs and violin wood, the hair shouldn’t touch the pen; it should very hard and tauten.

Violin Bow Tips

Final thoughts

We have already talked a lot about the Violin Bow and gave detailed ideas to you. Our best opinion have shared our knowledge on the bow and disseminated it for your better understanding. We now wish you can choose your product without any hassles and enjoy playing music on the violin.