Barcus Berry violin review: A Complete Discussion

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Violin is one of the most popular musical instruments throughout the world. Violins have a diversity of different styles and sizes. For instance, you must hear about Authentic Barcus-Berry electronics Violin. Actually, it is the first acoustic performance violin. It was initiated by violinist John Beery and electronics expert Barcus in 1963. They decided to create something new in music. So, they built the first piezo crystal transducer.

Consequently, they had pride in developing excellent string balance instruments with high-end electrical components. Afterward, Barcus Berry became the most prominent acoustic violin. They also offer a multitude of great performing violins in the same way. Young violinists like Barcus Berry electric violins. Because they are always offering different melodic sounds, the best silent violin helps you practice anytime without disturbing others.

Barcus Berry, 4-String Violin is the best quality electric violin, of course! The built-in quality of the violin offers young violinists fun to play and, It is an excellent choice for professional violinists similarly. What makes this violin more appealing is it is ideal for all aged performers and all skill levels. You can get the confidence to start your journey with it excellent option for better performances.

Attractive points

Furthermore, the violin offers the greatest control in terms of sound outfit. Thus it becomes more affectionate to young players. It is made out of reliable electric components. So, it becomes the best choice for professional performers as well. The violin ensures durability in the long run, packed with sturdy materials. On the whole, Barcus Berry is a brand that you can rely on.

However, you have more to learn about the amazing violin. It’s somewhat a weary task when the question comes to choose the best electric violin. So, we have done hands-on research and reviewed a lot of articles to give a complete guide.

You are going to get a detailed description of this top-notch violin along with its good and bad sides. Besides, you get to know why this violin is the best with frequently asked questions. If you are looking to find the best Barcus Berry electric violins, you land in the right place. Let’s dive in and learn a lot.

Barcus Berry, 4-String Violin (BAR-AEVR) Quick Overview

Barcus Berry is a highly trusted company. It offers an elegant violin, namely Barcus Berry, 4-String Violin (BAR-AEVR). It’s the perfect example of what makes a violin the best. We’ve used the violin personally. We found that it is the most durable model of the violin. And also, it is perfect for both beginners and professionals.

 Having a satin finish the Barcus Berry’s acoustic-electric violin becomes more elegant and better response than other models. It meets all criteria that a professional violinist prefers in a violin. That is the more appealing matter. The complete outfit is going to make you fall in love with it truly. It comes with an elegant design handcrafted by skilled artisans of Romania.

This violin is the best among the Barcus Berry violin pickups with its finest quality. The entire outfit is elegantly handcrafted. It is made with maple wood on the top and on both sides. The complete outfit comes with a lot of amazing accessories.

There is a color-matching Glasser bow with the color-coordinated soft-shape case and, It also features a full cake rosin and a detachable shoulder strap Chinrest. All the accessories are designed to ensure your maximum comfort and safety. Thus, you don’t have to think about your safety. The weight is only weighs 5 pounds. The lightweight violin allows you to transport easily.

Barcus Berry Violin


  • Made with top-quality materials
  • It offers excellent melodic tones with no noise
  • A high-quality tailpiece offers incredible flexibility.
  • Excellent quality german maple bridge
  • It comes with a complete outfit with quality accessories
  • Ideal for both young students and professional performers
  • More durable and sturdy bow with horse hair and Brizilwood.
  • Ensures safety and comfort additionally
  • Portable hardshell making it convenient to carry out
  • Outstanding violin pick up.
  • Include a cake dark rosin. 
  • It also ensured traditional other eye-catching finishes.
  • For best sound quality offer with electric output jack.
  • They have also Manufacturer’s warranty for protection from manufacturer defects.


  • One of the most costly electric capability violin.
  • Less resonance

In addition, the standard level Barcus Berry violin is packed with a lot of unique features such as ebony fittings, 4 Wittner Violin Tuner, and also hand-rubbed lacquer finish. Coming with a complete source top made with quality maple wood ensures durability and works for the long run. Moreover, it features everything in one machine that a beginner or professional violinist would expect. Young students additionally love the different tones of melodic sounds. It’s the bonus of this violin and with it affordable option.

The violin is promising to offer the clearest sound quality and comes with super-sensitive Red Label strings. It offers excellent melodic tunes without disturbing others. Also, the top-notch Barcus Berry violin makes you confident to start your journey, which allows you to play your own excellent tone with tremendous flexibility. The package is offering a ease and, this is very good for transport and care. So, the violin becomes the best option for beginners according our choice.

 The tones and simplicity of the violin offer you the sweetest and open sound to impress the audience. It is designed with a premium quality German violin bridge that includes an impressive Barcus Berry 1320 piezo transducer violin pickup. In a word, if you want to add value to your musical journey, you can undoubtedly go for this great violin.  

Comparison of Barcus Berry, 4-string Violin with Electric Violin Bunnel NEXT (CLEAR) Outfit 4/4 Full Size (NATURAL)

Bunnel NEXT is one of the best electric violins. It becomes popular in terms of affordability. It is the entry-level violin that can be a perfect choice for intermediate performers. Besides, it offers a lifetime warranty compared to its competitors. Thus, it becomes more popular and is tagged with high status. It has 100% piezo-ceramic pickup and an ebony fingerboard. It eventually becomes excellent for young students. It allows playing everywhere anytime with no noise level. Hence, you can play your acoustic tone without disturbing others.

Bunnel electric violin has a lightweight design with a durable composite body case. The different colors make it more elegant and impressive and, it comes in 3 unique colors: red, black, or blue. Indeed, the blue model is awesome. It is packed with a lot of handy accessories making your purchase worthy. The strings are intimate to the fingerboard. Therefore, you feel safe while playing the violin. It provides a melodic sound to impress your audience, in fact.

Then come to the Barcus Berry as I described above. It is the most prominent violin that includes everything in a package. Nonetheless, in terms of design, there’s nothing to say. It comes with an aesthetic design with perfect color and a satin finish. We have been using the violin for more than 2 years, and still, we don’t find any single blemish. It is a highly recommended violin for all aged and all grade players. It offers the sweetest melodic sounds and different tones. Consequently, the violin becomes more appealing to young students.

Compare between them below picture

The body of the violin is made with quality maple woods. This is handcrafted by competent craftsmanship. The violin also features a perfect outfit with a sturdy spruce top and, it comes with a high-quality German bridge design. Hence, it becomes a more elegant and durable violin compared to its competitors.

 To illustrate the violin, I must say it fulfills all criteria a violinist would expect. Featuring a soft canvass quality case, it ensures maximum comfort and convenience. In spite of all the advantages, the Barcus Berry electric violin has a drawback. That is, the model is a little bit pricey.

In comparison, I must say in a word, Barcus Berry 4 string violin is the best quality. On the one hand, Barcus Berry comes with super-sensitive Red Label strings. On the other hand, the Bunnel NEXT violin comes with D’addario Prelude violin strings. Barcus Berry offers the most impressive sounds. But Bunnel often produces a low sound level.

Besides, Barcus Berry is equally perfect for all-level players. On the contrary, Bunnel NEXT is suitable for students and intermediate players. But it is not perfect for professional performers. Yet, both two violins come with similar features that a violinist expects in a quality violin. However, Bunnel NEXT won’t disappoint you when you need an entry-level violin for practicing. In conclusion, I would say Barcus Berry is a top-notch violin. It is perfect for all-level players. But Bunnel NEXT is the entry-level violin suitable for practicing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which Is The Best Buying Barcus Berry Website?

The quick answer is Amazon. Yes! Amazon is the best buying website to make a purchase of a Barcus Berry violin. You can find the best Barcus Berry pickup from Amazon at a glance. Amazon is the best-selling site. It offers the highest quality electric violins at a very reasonable cost.

Customer satisfaction is their main focus. They don’t justify the quality of the products. Yet, provide you the top-notch items at an affordable price. You are going to get full-term support and services. Amazon believes in the return policy. So, it gives you a product with years of manufacturing warranty. In summary, Amazon is the name that you can rely on.

Is Barcus Berry 5 String Violin?

Barcus Berry 5 string violin is the latest model of Barcus Berry electric violin. It comes with an obvious outfit with a ton of extra features. Generally, it is the full-sized 5 string violin. It is available with an exterior Barcus Berry Clamp-On Bridge Violin Piezo Pickup. The package includes a cozy soft case and a blue bow.

The violin is handcrafted with a German Built-in bridge piezo pickup design. It also includes premium quality strings closer to the fingerboard. It is ready to offer impressive sound every time without disturbing others.

Where Did the Barcus Berry Company Violin Build?

Barcus Berry is a musical instrument of the United States of America. It was first initiated during the 1960s. Violinist John Berry and electronics expert Les Barcus created it. First, they discovered the piezoelectric crystal pickups. Then they introduced the Barcus Berry company in the industry. Indeed, it is the first electric violin. Barcus Berry develops  Piezo Pickup for many musical instruments. Such as guitars, pianos, harps, and woodwind instruments.

What Is a Barcus Berry Violin Pickup?

Barcus Berry has 3100 piezo pickups. The pickups are for guitars, pianos, harps, brass instruments, and woodwind instruments. The clamp-on piezo pickups are the best solution for classical violinists. Because they desire to play amplified occasionally. But don’t want to adjust the instruments.

Barcus Berry pickups come with a robust and well-balanced amplified tone. You can modify the pickups for fractional-sized musical instruments. Plus, you can adjust the turnbuckles of the carpenter output jack to get the perfect fittings. You can get both amplifying size and fractional size violin pickups.

What Is a Barcus Berry Amplifier?

Barcus Berry is one of the most trusted companies of musical instruments and, association with string instruments. It is more famous for making pickups. The violin produces several musical instruments, such as guitars, pianos, harps, select woods, and brass instruments. It contains different powerful amplifiers. That makes a decent volume of sounds.

The amplifiers are available in different watts. The amplifiers include loudspeakers that are powerful enough for a quality violin. They are designed to make the sounds more clear and robust. The clean-sounding amplifiers produce a master volume.

Last Few Words:

In conclusion, This is very important to choose the right violin. It helps start the musical journey and increase the skill level. When the question comes to purchasing the best violin, there are several things to think about. But, it’s not an easy task. Because there are multiple options in different styles and functionality, however, you should focus on your specific needs.

Among the different brands, Barcus Berry is ready to offer you a wide range of quality violins. Barcus Berry electric violins come with authentic electric eligible purchases components with a liberal warranty and, the name that is promising to give you the best electronics outfits on the market. Get more information about the electric violin by reviewing this article. Let’s start the journey with a unique iteam.